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YouWave for Android

Download and run apps for Android directly from your PC.

Do you want to try, or use, comfortably in your PC most popular applications for Android on the market? Now, thanks to YouWave for Android, you can do so in a simple way, with no hassles.

That's because YouWave for Android allows you to access the "app stores" for Android products directly from your Windows desktop, download applications directly to the PC, and run them! Everything in a quick and easy way, with no hassles, just like you do on your Android phone.

YouWave for Android also lets you import any application from the phone you already have installed, and use it on your PC. And vice versa, of course: if you download an application to the computer through YouWave for Android, and decide you want to have it also on your mobile, YouWave will help you pass it on without re-downloading.


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