Windows Virtual PC

Use Windows XP programs in Windows 7 without any problems.

One of the biggest fears when updating or changing your operating system is that some things you are really familiar with will end up incompatible. But with the launch of Windows 7 the guys at Microsoft have thought about this, and so are offering this Windows Virtual PC for free.

But what is Windows Virtual PC? Well, simply put its a virtual image, which runs on the Windows 7 desktop, which allows you to not only use but also install programs designed to only run on the old Windows XP. In simple words, a way to continue using any program designed for Windows XP in PCs running Windows 7.

And in a really simple way. The first thing you see when you run Windows Virtual PC is a desktop identical to that which you had in Windows XP. And even in the language you want. From this desktop you can run any Windows XP program, without needing to exit Windows 7. It doesn't get any easier! Thus you no longer have any excuse not to use Windows 7 and keep all the advantages of Windows XP. Download Windows Virtual PC now and see for yourself!


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