USB Secure

Protect the data saved in your USB.

The use of USB devices is getting more and more each year, to be able to transport documents, files and folders from one place to another easily. But, because of its small size, it can be easily lost and fall into unwanted hands. So that no-one can access the data stored on your pendrive, flash drive, external USB drive or memory card, use USB Secure.

USB Secure is a practical application designed to protect the data, files or folders saved in any USB device, so that no-one can access them without your permission. With an automatic playback system, USB Secure is very easy to use. The program starts just by connecting it to your PC so that you can add the necessary key to access the data.

USB Secure also has a simple and intuitive graphic interface so that you won't waste time protecting your data, and so work on what is really important.


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