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Universe Sandbox

Use the Universe as your playground.

The Universe Sandbox program, more than a space simulator (it is, and very complete) offers you a game: take our Universe, as it is, and do with it whatever you want! Because unlike most astronomy programs, Universe Sandbox lets you interact with what it shows you!

And thanks to its powerful gravity simulator, and the great implementation of the physical laws that are offered by Universe Sandbox, these interactions are extremely realistic. In other words if, for example, the moon gets closer to Earth, this simply will not stay that close, but you can see in real time how the gravitational forces would destroye the two bodies ... and more.

Try Universe Sandbox to do whatever you want with the Galaxy: compare planets, create new stars and see what happens, turn off the sun, or bring to the Earth out of it! Universe Sandbox allows you to do everything, so let your imagination fly free!


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