Space Wars 3D Screensaver 1.5 Demo

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Space Wars 3D Screensaver

A spectacular space battle on your screen!

As if it were the best scene from your favourite science fiction movie, when you install Space Wars 3D Screensaver on your PC, you will see amazing combats between spaceships, taking place right there on your PC screen!

And not just between two tiny spacecraft that hardly move, because the battles offered by Space Wars 3D Screensaver are created entirely in 3D, reproducing the scene in which they move, and they are always different: ships in flames, attacks on convoys by the rebel fleet, battles between immense starships, and all in real time!

Don't hesitate more, if you like science fiction, and stellar battles, Space Wars 3D Screensaver is the perfect screensaver for you. Don't let it get away!


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