Skype Email Toolbar 1.0.4693

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Skype Email Toolbar

Respond to your Outlook contacts with a Skype call.

Would you like to make calls to all those contacts in your Outlook? Then you just need to install Skype Email Toolbar.

As the name indicates, Skype Email Toolbar lets you make Skype calls to people you have sent an email to, without worrying if it's a landline or mobile, and wherever they are. And if you prefer, you can also start conversations using instant messaging as an answer to emails you receive.

The use of Skype Email Toolbar is very easy. Once installed you get a button featuring the Skype logo in your Outlook in-tray so you can call your contacts immediately, without having to look for their data in agendas or complex databases. Skype Email Toolbar links directly to your Skype account, and the best of all is that it's free.


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