Proteus Lite

Simulate and create electronic diagrams and circuits.

Proteus Lite offers you, to download and try for free, a small collection of programs for the simulation and development of electronic designs, diagrams, plates, circuits, etc. Perfect for anyone who normally uses their PC to study these components, either for work, as a student, or even as a hobby.

Thus, within Proteus Lite you can find:

- ISIS: a tool for the development of electronic schematics, which lets you easily draw component maps, perfect for training or professional use.

- ARES: software for creating printed circuit boards, which includes an extensive library of elements and a powerful auto-router.

- And ProSPICE: a circuit simulator for educational purposes, which lets you use virtual instruments and encourages simulation simply to visualize the operation of a circuit.

All of them under a single interface, Proteus Lite, from which you can manage them all in a simple and convenient way.


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