Nokia PC Suite

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Nokia PC Suite

Personalize your Nokia phone in a fun and easy way.

If you are one of those who think that a mobile phone is more than just a tool to make calls, and want to get the most out of it, then Nokia PC Suite will help.

In Nokia PC Suite you will find a complete and attractive application which lets you take full advantage of the features of your Nokia phone. By connecting your phone to the PC (whether by cable, infrared or Bluetooth) and downloading the information, it's all done. From then on you can create your own ringtones, include your favourite photos, convert and edit videos and insert them into your phone to share with friends, send SMS, add data to the agenda, and endless other things.

Nokia PC Suite also works to make backups of all the information stored in your mobile, especially your contacts list. The only cost is time, as you have to synchronize your mobile with the PC every so often. The rest, including the download, is for free.


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