MSN Password Cracker

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MSN Password Cracker

Easily recover your password for Hotmail or MSN.

MSN Password Cracker, also known as "Password Recovery for MSN", is a utility that lets you do exactly that: recover your password for Microsoft Messenger, and also for your Hotmail email account, if they are the same or not.

But be warned, because MSN Password Cracker, despite the name, isn't a program to break into or "crack" anything. The only function of MSN Password Cracker is to recover data from your MSN account if, for any reason, you have lost it (forgotten, lost data, deleted passwords saved in your PC, lost that bit of paper you wrote it down on, etc).

MSN Password Cracker is very simple to use: you just need to download and run it, and it will look through your system memory, or that of your browser, looking for the password stored in MSN, which it will then decypher. And that's it, you will then have your password once more, thanks to MSN Password Cracker and for free.


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