Mario Forever

An exceptional re-edition of one of the greats in history,

Mario Forever is an almost perfect recreation of one of the all-time classic Super Mario Bros games, with all the scenes, characters, surprises and playability found in the original. The difference is that this game is built from start to finish for all true Mario fans.

This way, Mario Forever becomes a homage to what is a really historic saga, bringing together all types of creatures, graphics and objects in all the levels that you found in the original Mario. Bowser is still the rival to defeat, and the secret levels are still the order of the day, whether on land, air or sea. The Nintendo plumber is a truly versatile hero!

The most fanatical fans of the Mario universe will really enjoy Mario Forever, not just for its immense quality as a platform game, but also for its amazing feature: a level editor. That means in Mario Forever you can build and play your own worlds within the Super Mario Bros universe, adding traps and obstacles that you create yourself.


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