Lara Croft Screensaver

The best images of Lara Croft crossing your screen.

With Lara Croft Screensaver installed on your computer, you can enjoy a gallery of images of the most famous heroine in gaming parading across your screen whenever your screensaver is activated by the system.

The most spectacular images, and also the most suggestive of Lara Croft, will protect your computer screen while you enjoy the scenes that Lara Croft Screensaver will show on your monitor. In addition, Lara Croft Screensaver allows you to define for yourself several features, such as transition effects, display duration of each image of Lara, and more.

Don't hesitate, if you're a fan of the Tomb Raider games, or just of Lara Croft, then this Lara Croft Screensaver is perfect for you!


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