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Karaoke Media Home

Very high quality karaoke playback, thanks to its specific format.

Karaoke Media Home is the free version of one of the most professional, powerful and complete karaoke softwares on the market, Karaoke Media PRO. And as such, although you'll have at your disposal the editing power of that version, you can enjoy this other great multimedia Karaoke player with many options at your disposal totally for free.

And above all, Karaoke Media Home will ensure high quality playback with HD video quality and virtually real audio, thanks mainly to use of the specific format of Karaoke Media, KM3. And that's because KM3 files, mastered and mixed in SudioMedia's own studies, offer top quality sound and instrumentation, with a variety of options already included in the file itself, and it's compressed ... And all in less than 5 mb per file!


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