Google Chrome Portable 39.0.2171

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Google Chrome Portable

Take your favourite browser with you wherever you go.

Although changing your browser is always hard work, especially when you are so used to it, there are always other possibilities. And what better than a browser with all the guarantees of an Internet giant like Google but ready to go wherever you go.

And also in many different languages and totally for free. What more do you need to download and try Google Chrome Portable? You don't even have to change your usual browser, as you do for the original Google Chrome, because this Google Chrome Portable is designed to work as your second browser.

Because it has been designed as a portable application, you don't even need to install it in the PC you are going to use: it will run directly from the stoprage device you carry it in. Google Chrome Portable lets you browse in any PC with Internet access, keeping your bookmarks, logs and anything else you want to take with you.


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