Mozilla Firefox Portable 68.0.1

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Mozilla Firefox Portable

Take your Mozilla browser with you wherever you go.

Mozilla Firefox Portable is the portable version you've been waiting for of the prestigious Firefox browser, which you have already enjoyed in its conventional version. The difference is that Mozilla Firefox Portable is technically designed to be stored and transported from one place to another in a USB memory or any other device. With it you are assured that your logs, your bookmarks, your settings or any other element, will not be available for other users of your PC.

Otherwise, Mozilla Firefox Portable retains the characteristics that you know of the standard Firefox: its stability and speed, tabbed browsing system, its menu of accessories (to download and add "plugins", extensions, themes , etc..), its security settings, your pop-up blocking mechanism, integrated search, automatic updates, etc.

With Mozilla Firefox Portable you won't leave personal information in the PC you use it in, and you can take your favorite browser with all your extensions and bookmarks anywhere. It is also still completely free.


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