BSOD Screensaver

A fun screensaver that simulates a system crash showing the blue Windows screen, then it restarts.

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Everyone knows that the worst colour in Windows is blue. The famous blue screen (Blue Screen Of Death, BSOD) is perfectly reproduced in this already legendary screensaver. It simulates one of these system crashes, and also simulates the Start screen shown during a restart. It also reproduces the specific screen that each operating system shows, including Windows NT, 95,98, 2000, XP, 2003 ...

The BSOD ScreenSaver blue screen has various different configurations, among which the program rotates, and shows the restart screen every fifteen seconds. The realism of this screensaver is total, as all the data that appears is taken directly from the PC itself (drivers, processor, memory, etc). BSOD ScreenSaver is a classic you shoulnd't miss!


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