Brothers in Arms Furious 4

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Brothers in Arms Furious 4

The Furious 4 are here to revolutionize first person shooters.

The new part of Brothers in Arms, Furious 4, offers you a group of brave soldiers (four, obviously) with a clear and concise objective: to kill Hitler, whatever the cost.

What promises to be the most brutal part of the Brothers in Arms saga is far from historical realism to offer you a story full of humour, and a lot of action without a break, in a game with a great multiplayer mode for both competitive and co-operative styles. Four players can take part, each one controlling one of the Furious 4, protagonists of Brothers in Arms Furious 4, and who you can see in this desktop wallpaper of the game.

Special weapons, surprising and crazy scientists, skillful explosions and the threat of a secret Nazi weapon able to end the war in one go. All this awaits you in Brothers in Arms Furious 4. And while you can't yet play the game, you can prepare your desktop for the occasion with this Brothers in Arms Furious 4 wallpaper. Download it before it gets mad with you!


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