Avast! Free Antivirus

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When you are looking for a high level antivirus for your PC, you have probably found yourself having to buy a licence to remove limitations on the protection. With Avast! Free Antivirus there are no limits. You have free and total protection against any threat that tries to penetrate your hard drive.

Among the technical features found in Avast! Free Antivirus the best are:

- integration of all the known anti-spyware techniques, offering complete protection.

- website, email, Internet, etc protection shield.

- Avast! Free Antivirus scans your hard drive while you work, with the aim of finding rootkit infections. It's not a boot disc. This tools includes a virus database that automatically updates, offering continuous protection.

- it has a simple interface making it easy to use and totally flexible. A very important point is that the user can always change the interface to make it better for their needs.

- for P2P client users and Messenger-type programs, Avast! Free Antivirus has specific protection modules for each one of these programs.


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