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Discover all the downloads related to Voice Synthesizers in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Voice Synthesizers you can find and download software like BPM Studio Pro, ButtonBeats Piano Virtual, JetCast, Digital Voice Editor, Virtual DJ
  • Screenshot MiniLyrics


    View the lyrics to your favourite songs. MiniLyrics is a tool that lets you view the lyrics of your favourite songs, brings new and...

  • Screenshot Carlanthano



    A complete multimedia suite for Windows. Carlanthano is a complete multimedia suite for Windows, which lets you create a playlist with all...

  • Screenshot AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

    AV Voice Changer Software Diamond


    Can you imagine being able to modify any voice, like those on the TV? With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond you can modify your voice or that of your friends and get...

  • Screenshot Freebox Jukebox

    Freebox Jukebox


    Stylish audio player. Freebox Jukebox is the closest to a real jukebox you can find, similar to those old ones in pubs...

  • Screenshot Lyrics Seeker

    Lyrics Seeker


    A plug-in that shows on-screen the lyrics to the song that is playing at the time. Lyrics Seeker, as the name indicates, is a plug-in for your favourite music player, which shows...

  • Screenshot Freemake Music Box

    Freemake Music Box


    The best way to listen to free music on-line. With Freemake Music Box you can search, listen and organize on-line music for free, and legally,...

  • Screenshot Arcade Music Box 2

    Arcade Music Box 2


    A disc, video and karaoke machine, all in just one free application. Arcade Music Box could be defined as a cover-all machine for your musical needs, whatever your...

  • Screenshot Playlist Creator

    Playlist Creator


    Create your playlists in any format from your favourite songs. Playlist Creator is the easiest way to create your playlists, to listen to your collection of...

  • Screenshot Aero Vista

    Aero Vista

    Change the skin of your Winamp for one with the Windows Vista design. Aero Vista is a great skin for Winamp, with which you can give it a very modern touch. It's...

  • Screenshot FlashMute



    Make the volume in Flash animations quieter or silent, without affecting the volume of other programs. FlashMute is a simple utility that runs from the system tray and lets you adjust the volume of the...

  • Screenshot Sayz Me

    Sayz Me


    A free voice synthesizer for Windows. It reads any text you indicate out loud. Here is a free voice synthesizer for Windows. Sayz Me reads out loud the text you copy or write in...

  • Screenshot Volumouse



    A curious free utility to control the volume of your speakers using your mouse. Volumouse is a small application that's really unique, which lets you control the volume of your...

  • Screenshot Moderal Jukebox

    Moderal Jukebox


    An excellent music player and organizer with which you can access all your music quickly. Moderal Jukebox is a music player and organizer for personal use that lets you play a file, a...

  • Screenshot Pepsi Volume Controller

    Pepsi Volume Controller


    A curious volume controller for Windows. If you're bored of the traditional Windows volume controller and want to give it another look, with...

  • Screenshot MyReader



    Convert your texts into sound for free with this fun synthesizer. MyReader is a simple voice synthesis program, which "reads" text in four different languages...

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