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Discover all the downloads related to Various Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Various Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Microsoft Encarta

    Microsoft Encarta


    The first and most famous digital encyclopedia. With its encyclopedia Encarta, Microsoft revolutionized the landscape of encyclopedias, offering a...

  • Screenshot Kidz CD1

    Kidz CD1


    A collection of applications for those younger than six. The youngest in the house are also curious about the computer, but you have to be careful with...

  • Screenshot Phun



    Learn the laws of physics playing Phun, and create marvellous scenes to practice in. Phun, also known as the Phun 2D Physics Sandbox is a wonderful free program that lets you create...

  • Screenshot UD Pendulum

    UD Pendulum

    beta 63

    A graphic simulator for the physical behaviour of a pendulum. UD Pendulum is graphic simulator for the physical behaviour of a pendulum. Both the gradient and...

  • Screenshot Unicornius Dental

    Unicornius Dental


    An advanced multimedia tool to develop dental implants. Unicornius Dental is an advanced system for professional dentists, which works to diagnose, develop...

  • Screenshot Resume Builder

    Resume Builder


    A program to create a better CV. When you present a CV, both the content and the presentation are important. A CV with a...

  • Screenshot WinThermo



    Convert centigrade to Fahrenheit and vice versa with very interesting additional information. WinThermo is a simple program to convert centigrade to Fahrenheit and vice versa. But apart from...

  • Screenshot Physics Animations

    Physics Animations


    A collection of physics theories with animations. Maybe in its school version it doesn't impress many, but the fact is that physics is a discipline...

  • Screenshot Best Reader

    Best Reader


    Activate your intellectual ability to capture information. Every day, in your workplace, in your leisure time with friends, while watching TV or when you walk...

  • Screenshot Alice Law

    Alice Law


    Play and learn about the Theory of Relativity. Learn the Theory of Relativity with Alice Law. This educational program includes up to 13 chapters...

  • Screenshot RCSim



    Create electric circuit simulations. Do you remember the times you had to listen to your parents telling you not to meddle with plugs?...

  • Screenshot Plant Reproduction

    Plant Reproduction

    Learn about the reproductive system of plants. Plant Reproduction is a totally free educational program created for children over 9 years old. The...

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