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Discover all the downloads related to Security & Privacy in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Security & Privacy you can find and download software like Norton Antivirus DAT Update (64 bits), Norton Antivirus DAT Update, Keylogger Douglas, Avira AntiVir Personal, Avast! Free Antivirus
  • Screenshot Social Network Controller

    Social Network Controller


    Control the time you spend on social networks and other websites. Nowadays an important part of peoples' lives is to have daily access to the Internet, and have...

  • Screenshot Popup Ad Stopper

    Popup Ad Stopper


    Browse tranquilly on the web without worrying about pop-up publicity. To avoid those irritating popup publicity windows while you browse the web, the best thing to do is...

  • Screenshot MRU-Blaster



    A free program to delete all the most recently used documents entries in your system. MRU-Blaster is a privacy preservation tool that explores your PC looking for MRU (Most Recently...

  • Screenshot Xiao Steganography

    Xiao Steganography


    It helps you hide text encrypted within an image or even a sound file. Xiao Steganography is a tool which uses the art of steganography which is defined as a way of...

  • Screenshot FilterGate



    Filter websites for their content. FilterGate is a 4 in 1 filter pack that lets you eliminate web reminders and pop-up windows, and...

  • Screenshot Ashampoo Anti-Malware

    Ashampoo Anti-Malware


    Great protection against all types of infective software. Ashampoo Anti-Malware, the official successor of Ashampoo AntiVirus and Ashampoo AntiSpyWare,...

  • Screenshot Core Force

    Core Force


    An effective firewall to avoid scares on the Internet. To avoid all those threats and intrusions that come at your PC from the Internet, there's nothing...

  • Screenshot Browser Guard

    Browser Guard

    2011 3.0.1009

    Relaxing Internet browsing. Can you browse the Internet without worries? If not, then that's because you don't know about...

  • Screenshot Privacy Mantra

    Privacy Mantra


    A free tool to clean your hard drive of unnecesary files. The pages you visit, the files you've opened, videos you've watched ... all this information can be...

  • Screenshot History Sweeper

    History Sweeper


    An effective private information deletion and cleaning tool for your hard drive. History Sweeper lets you clean your PC of all traces of activities done on it. You can delete the...

  • Screenshot Armor2net Personal Firewall

    Armor2net Personal Firewall


    Stop anyone accessing your PC without your permission by using this Armor2net Personal Firewall. Do you need to keep your PC information safe from hackers, thieves and people with bad intentions?...

  • Screenshot Avira AntiVir Update

    Avira AntiVir Update


    Update your Avira so you are always protected. Can you imagine that the police in your city don't receive the proper training, and don't adapt to...

  • Screenshot Communi Crypt2Go

    Communi Crypt2Go


    RSA encryption for normal mail, web mail or messaging. These days insecurity in communication networks is such that you can be sure that your emails or...

  • Screenshot Genie Backup Manager

    Genie Backup Manager


    Create backups of your important files and recover them if necessary. Genie Backup Manager lets you create backups of the files and configuration of your PC, which can...

  • Screenshot Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery

    Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery


    Easily recover the lost passwords in your MSN. Life is getting easier every day, and when it comes to passwords, sometimes this can lead to a...

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