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Discover all the downloads related to Security & Privacy in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Security & Privacy you can find and download software like Norton Antivirus DAT Update (64 bits), Norton Antivirus DAT Update, Keylogger Douglas, Avira AntiVir Personal, Avast! Free Antivirus
  • Screenshot Naomi



    Protect children from inappropriate content on the Internet. Statistically, 9 out of 10 children aged between 8 and 16 years have seen porn online. To avoid...

  • Screenshot Internet Security Controller

    Internet Security Controller


    Control the access time top various social networks and websites on the Internet. Internet Security Controller lets you control the time that you, your children, your employees or...

  • Screenshot Any File Backup

    Any File Backup


    Make periodic backups. If you are worried about the security of your PC, it is a good idea to have a program like Any File...

  • Screenshot DVD Rebuilder

    DVD Rebuilder


    An excellent free tool to make backups of your DVDs. DVD Rebuilder is a free tool to make high quality backups of your DVD discs. It uses CinemaCraft...

  • Screenshot ChromePlus Password Recovery

    ChromePlus Password Recovery


    Recover your passwords via ChromePlus. Want to access your mail account, your social networking profile or other page that requires...

  • Screenshot CD-DVD Lock

    CD-DVD Lock


    A program to restrict access to CD and DVD drives, recorders, partitions, hard drives, etc. CD-DVD Lock is a good way of protecting your drives from others who use your PC. With CD-DVD Lock...

  • Screenshot Handy Password

    Handy Password


    A free utility to fill in your logins automatically, and save all your passwords. It is normal for any Internet user to manage dozens of passwords, usernames, etc and it isn't...

  • Screenshot Cookie Crusher

    Cookie Crusher


    Control all the cookies stored in your PC, classifying them and deciding which to keep. When the Internet first started, the first cookies were actually useful, so you didn't have to...

  • Screenshot Disk Password Protection

    Disk Password Protection


    Total protection for access to your hard drive. Disk Password Protection offers you absolute protection for your hard drive. It is so powerful that...

  • Screenshot Free Internet Eraser

    Free Internet Eraser


    A fantastic free application for Internet security and cleaning. Free Internet Eraser helps you protect your Internet privacy, deleting all traces of your web...

  • Screenshot ChildWebGuardian



    It lets you control and censure where your children go on the Internet. ChildWebGuardian is a necessary tool for parents or others who are responsible for children who...

  • Screenshot Tool Repair

    Tool Repair


    Easily delete, without formatting, irritating programs or hidden viruses. Tool Repair is a program designed to find and eliminate these small malware programs that hide in...

  • Screenshot Panda Cloud Antivirus

    Panda Cloud Antivirus


    Protect your PC with the first antivirus for cloud computing! Panda Cloud Antivirus is advertised as "the first free antivirus that works from the Internet...

  • Screenshot Any Password

    Any Password


    Keep all your passwords secure using a master key. Any Password is a simple tool to save all your passwords, usernames and additional information in...

  • Screenshot Free Internet Windows Washer

    Free Internet Windows Washer


    Delete all the most common traces of use and browsing from your PC. Free Internet Window Washer, as the name suggests, is a practical application that deletes from...

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