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Discover all the downloads related to Security & Privacy in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Security & Privacy you can find and download software like Norton Antivirus DAT Update (64 bits), Norton Antivirus DAT Update, Keylogger Douglas, Avira AntiVir Personal, Avast! Free Antivirus
  • Screenshot Password Recovery .MDB

    Password Recovery .MDB


    Recover lost passwords to Access files. Problems with the password of your Access files? Have you saved data from a database, without...

  • Screenshot Password Saver

    Password Saver


    A complete password manager and generator. Although in principle the Password Saver program seems like just another simple password manager,...

  • Screenshot VXCopy



    It lets you program simple backups of specific folders, generating reports on each backup. VXCopy is a simple and free application without big ambition which is ideal to make periodic...

  • Screenshot Privacy Sweeper

    Privacy Sweeper


    Clean your PC of any trace of activity or compromising file. Over time your PC stores a series of data which the user doesn't even know about, covering all the...

  • Screenshot SimpLite MSN

    SimpLite MSN


    Encrypt and protect data which is shared on MSN Messenger. Instant messaging clients, and MSN Messenger in particular, do not offer complete security to be...

  • Screenshot Omniquad Personal Firewall

    Omniquad Personal Firewall


    Watch external threats: this firewall detects any unauthorized access from/to the Internet. If you are getting more and more fed up of being attacked from the Internet by viruses, hackers and...

  • Screenshot SecureIT Pro

    SecureIT Pro


    The best free tool you can find to totally block your PC. SecureIt Pro is the best free tool you can find to totally block your PC when you aren't there....

  • Screenshot Privacy Protector

    Privacy Protector


    Delete any trace of your browsing on the Internet or use of the PC. The whole world knows that when you browse the Internet you leave traces of every place you visit,...

  • Screenshot Access Password

    Access Password


    Recover forgotten or lost passwords to protected Access files. Access Password is a password recovery tool that is especially designed to recover passwords from...

  • Screenshot Advanced Disk Cleaner

    Advanced Disk Cleaner


    An effective disc cleaning system. Analyze, check the results and delete. It's that easy. Cleaning your hard drive? This is synonymous with Advanced Disk Cleaner, a total program to remove...

  • Screenshot Desktop Scout

    Desktop Scout


    Detailed reports on all the processes running in your PC. There are tasks and processes that are continually running in your PC, many of them invisible to...

  • Screenshot Hide File and Folders

    Hide File and Folders


    Hide and block your private and personal files. If in your hard drive you have especially sensitive and private documents, and you share a PC with...

  • Screenshot Security Administrator

    Security Administrator


    A complete administration, control and protection tool for your PC. Protect your PC and restrict access to the Internet thanks to this complete administration utility:...

  • Screenshot Excel Password

    Excel Password


    Recover the forgotten passwords to your Excel files with Excel Password. Many times when you created documents in Microsoft Excel containing private information, you...

  • Screenshot Cryptainer LE

    Cryptainer LE


    Encrypt files and documents, simply and effectively. With Cryptainer you can protect and encrypt any file or folder of any type in your PC, including...

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