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Discover all the downloads related to Screensavers in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Screensavers you can find and download software like Sim Aquarium Screensaver, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, 3D Desktop Zombies! Screensaver, GTA San Andreas Homeboys Screensaver, Gormiti Screensaver
  • Screenshot 3D Living Dinosaurs ScreenSaver

    3D Living Dinosaurs ScreenSaver


    An exciting screensaver showing Jurassic dinosaurs. Do you like the world of the dinosaurs? If you're someone who has seen and the Jurassic Park...

  • Screenshot Wild Animals

    Wild Animals

    A musical screensaver to enjoy the beauty of the loveliest animals in your PC. Wild Animals is a musical screensaver so you can enjoy the beauty of the loveliest animals in your...

  • Screenshot Rango


    From a small terrarium to being the sherrif of a lawless town. Born in a terrarium, Rango is a small chameleon who wants to be a hero. Accustomed to his life...

  • Screenshot The Bulls Running Under Water I

    The Bulls Running Under Water I

    A peculiar underwater view of the Running of the Bulls in this fun screensaver. Kukuxumusu The Bulls Running Under Water I offers you a screensaver that recreates the spectacular...

  • Screenshot Oriental Clock

    Oriental Clock


    Enjoy a typical Japanese landscape for free with Oriental Clock! Oriental Clock is an elegant and beautiful screensaver which will decorate your PC screen with an...

  • Screenshot 3D Dancing Skeleton

    3D Dancing Skeleton


    You'll see a skeleton dancing on your screen. Have fun with 3D Dancing Skeleton, a screensaver in which a dancing skeleton is surrounded by...

  • Screenshot SceneSaver



    A collection of 22 high quality and resolution screensavers of natural landscapes. If you are a fan of Nature then you will really enjoy this collection of 22 high quality and...

  • Screenshot Garfield: 25 years

    Garfield: 25 years

    A screensaver of Garfield over the last 25 years. Garfield is undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular cartoon characters around the world,...

  • Screenshot Barcelona vs Real Madrid

    Barcelona vs Real Madrid

    You're going to laugh your head off. You might not be a fan of Barca or Real Madrid, you might even hate football, but this Barcelona vs...

  • Screenshot Watery Desktop 3D

    Watery Desktop 3D


    With Watery Desktop 3D it will look like your desktop is under water. Watery Desktop 3D is a fun screensaver which will make it seem like your computer has dived into...

  • Screenshot XP Tools Software Aquarium

    XP Tools Software Aquarium


    A lovely aquarium screensaver. XP Tools Software offers this aquarium totally free for you to download to your PC. XP Tools...

  • Screenshot EarthView



    A desktop wallpaper and screensaver with impressive images of our planet. EarthView is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screensaver that shows impressive views of the Earth,...

  • Screenshot The Lord Of The Rings: The One Ring 3D

    The Lord Of The Rings: The One Ring 3D


    A sensational 3D screensaver of The Lord Of The Rings. The Lord Of The Rings: The One Ring 3D is a fantastic, free animated screensaver in stunning 3D. It...

  • Screenshot 3D Matrix Corridors ScreenSaver

    3D Matrix Corridors ScreenSaver

    Enter the very heart of The Matrix with this spectacular screensaver. This new screensaver from the Matrix offers you the chance to see at first hand what the Matrix is...

  • Screenshot Babies Of The Wilderness

    Babies Of The Wilderness


    A screensaver with attractive images of the jungle. Babies Of The Wilderness is a screensaver that lets you escape the monotony of everyday life, and...

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