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Discover all the downloads related to Remote Control in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Remote Control you can find and download software like Google Chrome, Ares, Google Chrome Portable, aTube Catcher, Clac Radio
  • Screenshot Chrome Remote Desktop

    Chrome Remote Desktop


    Control another PC directly from your browser. Chrome Remote Desktop is a free add-on (still in beta phase) for the Google browser Chrome, which...

  • Screenshot TeleDesktop



    Control, work on, play on and enjoy a PC from another remote PC. PotomacSoft TeleDesktop 5.20 is a tool which lets you remotely control another PC to the one you...

  • Screenshot Live Desktop

    Live Desktop


    A new desktop wallpaper each day. If you like to change the image on your desktop quite often, then you will be interested in...

  • Screenshot GetByMail


    Access remote systems via email. GetByMail lets you access a PC remotely via email. It is a totally secure system, as it only lets...

  • Screenshot Multiplicity



    A free utility that makes it easier to manage various PCs connected to a network. If you have various PCs connected to a network, Multiplicity is a tool that will help you a lot....

  • Screenshot NTPower



    It lets the system administrator shut down or restart a workstation remotely. NTPower lets the system administrator shut down or restart a workstation remotely. NTPower...

  • Screenshot Real VNC

    Real VNC


    A simple and quick solution to control your PC from another via the Internet. With Real VNC you can access your PC at work or home from any other terminal. You just have to have...

  • Screenshot Remote Desktop Control

    Remote Desktop Control

    Control any PC from any part of the world. Imagine you're on vacation and you forgot to send a very important file to a client! Or if you stay...

  • Screenshot Xming


    With Xming you can remotely use Linux applications in Windows. Xming is a program that installs an X Window Server in Windows which will, among other things,...

  • Screenshot TeamViewer



    How you can look at your clients' PCs remotely. TeamViewer is a program that can connect to any computer remotely for free via the Internet, and...

  • Screenshot Net Orbit

    Net Orbit


    View the screens of the PCs connected to your LAN. Want to know what your students or workers are doing at this exact moment in time? With Net Orbit...

  • Screenshot Show My PC

    Show My PC


    Share your desktop remotely! Show My PC is a very simple free application especially designed for inexperienced users, since its...

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