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Discover all the downloads related to PC Blocking in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in PC Blocking you can find and download software like Norton Antivirus DAT Update (64 bits), Norton Antivirus DAT Update, Keylogger Douglas, Avira AntiVir Personal, Avast! Free Antivirus
  • Screenshot Lock it Easy

    Lock it Easy

    Password-protect your pendrive. If your pendrive is your biggest ally when it comes to transporting confidential information about,...

  • Screenshot File Securer

    File Securer


    File Securer password protects your files and folders, to make them inaccessible. All users are worried about the security and privacy of all the documents saved in their PCs,...

  • Screenshot Zilla PopUp Killer

    Zilla PopUp Killer

    Zillasoft finally offer a product to block all those anonymous pop-ups. One of the biggest irritations that exist while you surf the web are those publicity pop-ups, so...

  • Screenshot Folder Lock

    Folder Lock


    Protect your folders and files. Would you like to get your filing cabinets in a safe, turn the key and jealously keep them from...

  • Screenshot Lock My PC

    Lock My PC


    Block your PC with a password so no-one can access when you're not there. Lock My PC is an application that blocks your PC, with a password, when you click on its icon in...

  • Screenshot WinBoss Classic

    WinBoss Classic


    Quickly hide the applications that were running in your PC. WinBoss lets you quickly hide the applications that are running in your PC, so that other people...

  • Screenshot Hide Folders

    Hide Folders

    2012 4.1.5

    A program to hide the files that are in your PC from prying eyes. Hide Folders, as the name indicates, is a simple program to hide folders that are in your PC from...

  • Screenshot WinRAP



    Make invisible any program you don't want others to see. WinRAP, short for Windows Applications Running Protector, is a very simple program that will allow...

  • Screenshot My Secret Folder

    My Secret Folder


    Protect a file or folder in your hard drive, among other security options. Thanks to My Secret Folder you can hide and protect any document or folder of your hard drive,...

  • Screenshot Popup Assassin Free

    Popup Assassin Free


    A free anti-popup tool for Internet Explorer. Popup Assassin Free analyzes all the windows that open in Internet Explorer, and automatically...

  • Screenshot Browser Hijack Retaliator

    Browser Hijack Retaliator

    Protect your browser from irritating hijacks. Browser Hijack Retaliator is an excellent protection against the irritating hijacking of the start...

  • Screenshot Password Door

    Password Door


    Password-protect, individually or globally, the parts of your system that you choose. Password Door establishes a type of seatbelt for your system, though which only you can pass at one...

  • Screenshot CD-DVD Lock

    CD-DVD Lock


    A program to restrict access to CD and DVD drives, recorders, partitions, hard drives, etc. CD-DVD Lock is a good way of protecting your drives from others who use your PC. With CD-DVD Lock...

  • Screenshot Disk Password Protection

    Disk Password Protection


    Total protection for access to your hard drive. Disk Password Protection offers you absolute protection for your hard drive. It is so powerful that...

  • Screenshot AdPurger



    An excellent anti-publicity tool which integrates with IE and blocks all types of pop-ups, banners or Javascript runners. AdPurger 2.51 is an excellent anti-publicity tool which integrates with Internet Explorer (it needs...

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