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Discover all the downloads related to Music in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Music you can find and download software like BPM Studio Pro, ButtonBeats Piano Virtual, JetCast, Digital Voice Editor, Virtual DJ
  • Screenshot McFunSoft Audio Studio

    McFunSoft Audio Studio

    A very complete utility to record, edit or convert audio files. All the tasks and treatments of audio files you need to do at any time can be done now with...

  • Screenshot Sound Effect Maker

    Sound Effect Maker


    Apply sound effects to songs and audio files, without needing to be good at sound editing. Sound Effect Maker is an application to work with sound files, that lets any user apply effects,...

  • Screenshot DarkWave Studio

    DarkWave Studio


    Mix and create electronic music thanks to Darkwave Studio. DarkWave Studio is an excellent program for creating and mixing electronic music, ideal for...

  • Screenshot DJ Twist

    DJ Twist


    A very complete program to do musical compositions and mixes. DJ Twist & Burn is a complete musical recording and mixing software which lets you create audio CDs...

  • Screenshot Pepsi Volume Controller

    Pepsi Volume Controller


    A curious volume controller for Windows. If you're bored of the traditional Windows volume controller and want to give it another look, with...

  • Screenshot Atomix MP3

    Atomix MP3


    A magnificent resource for all those who love remixing. Professional users with high demands in the field of music mixing will enjoy Atomix MP3 greatly....

  • Screenshot Darkman Sound Machine

    Darkman Sound Machine


    A program to edit music samples, with 32 instrument channels. Darkman Sound Machine allows you to "sample" any song in a convenient and simple way, with up to 32...

  • Screenshot AV VoizGame

    AV VoizGame


    Change the sound of your voice! With AV VoizGame you can modify your voice in real time. Are you tired of your voice sounding the same? Change it with AV VoizGame. With AV VoizGame you can...

  • Screenshot DJ Mix Pro

    DJ Mix Pro


    You're about to throw a party and there's no DJ. What do you do? DJ Mix Pro is a program that basically consists of mixing songs just like a DJ, but with the...

  • Screenshot DSS DJ

    DSS DJ


    Mix all your music and apply effects. DSS DJ is a very complete and easy to use program for mixing music. DSS DJ has many sound effects...

  • Screenshot Lyred Pro

    Lyred Pro

    1.45 db2

    An MP3 editor and searcher with karaoke support, letting you search the Internet for lyrics. Lyred Pro is a program that you will love if you like music. With it you can do various things with...

  • Screenshot MyReader



    Convert your texts into sound for free with this fun synthesizer. MyReader is a simple voice synthesis program, which "reads" text in four different languages...

  • Screenshot OtsAV DJ

    OtsAV DJ


    A complete program for you to become a DJ. OtsAV DJ is an excellent product designed to mix audio so you can become a great DJ. OtsAV DJ...

  • Screenshot SilentNight MP3 CD Player

    SilentNight MP3 CD Player


    Audio, Internet radio and MP3 player, track ripper, tag editor and recorder. SilentNight MP3 CD Player is an extraordinarily flexible application. It isn't just a conventional...

  • Screenshot MP3BookHelper



    It lets you edit the ID3 tags and Oggvorbis of your music files, letting you rename them to your tastes and needs. MP3BookHelper 2.3.4 is a utility that lets you edit the ID3 tags and Oggvorbis of your music files,...

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