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Discover all the downloads related to Music in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Music you can find and download software like BPM Studio Pro, ButtonBeats Piano Virtual, JetCast, Digital Voice Editor, Virtual DJ
  • Screenshot Spider Player

    Spider Player


    Player, ripper, lyric editor and converter. Spider Player is a small music player, with functions to rip CDs and convert formats (it works with...

  • Screenshot Mufin Player

    Mufin Player


    A great audio player, with an on-line hard drive and transfers to mobile devices. Mufin Player offers you a very complete audio player, both for playing back music and for using...

  • Screenshot Freebox Jukebox

    Freebox Jukebox


    Stylish audio player. Freebox Jukebox is the closest to a real jukebox you can find, similar to those old ones in pubs...

  • Screenshot Winamp



    A free multimedia player and excellent organizer. Winamp is one of the most famous music players in the world, and also now one of the most...

  • Screenshot Fake Voice

    Fake Voice


    Fun software which allows you to play with your voice. Fake Voice is a software that allows you to change your voice. If you are a woman and want to sound...

  • Screenshot StreamRipper for Winamp

    StreamRipper for Winamp


    It lets you record the streams you listen to in Winamp directly to MP3. Streamripper for Winamp, as the name indicates, is a magnificent and very practical plug-in for...

  • Screenshot The GodFather

    The GodFather


    A complete music file organizer. The GodFather is a very useful tool with which you can organize and rename all your music files,...

  • Screenshot Guitar Tuner Java Applet

    Guitar Tuner Java Applet


    Tune your guitar from your PC. Want to tune your guitar? Well, with Guitar Tuner Java Applet you won't have to search for the...

  • Screenshot Club DJ ProVJ

    Club DJ ProVJ

    Spectacular video effects for your sessions as a DJ. Club DJ ProVJ is a complete professional and very powerful program for Video DJs, or VJs. In other...

  • Screenshot Easy MP3 Tools

    Easy MP3 Tools


    All types of tools for working on MP3 files. Easy MP3 Tools offers you a complete collection of utilities, for free, to manage music in MP3...

  • Screenshot Finale Music

    Finale Music


    Develop your professional creativity with Finale Music. Finale Music is a powerful music composition software. With Finale once you've composed your scores...

  • Screenshot All Editor

    All Editor


    A powerful editor for music and audio that has more than 20 distinct sound effects to apply. All Editor is an interesting and powerful editor for music and audio that has more than 20...

  • Screenshot Ejay DJ Mixstation

    Ejay DJ Mixstation


    Mix songs and play them in public! If you have the soul of a DJ, don't miss this program. Ejay DJ Mixstation can turn your PC into a...

  • Screenshot Focus Free CD Ripper

    Focus Free CD Ripper


    A practical and simple audio CD converter/ripper to OGG, MP3 or WAV formats, also with an excellent player. As the name indicates, Focus Free CD Ripper is a practical and simple audio CD converter/ripper to...

  • Screenshot dBpowerAmp Audio Player

    dBpowerAmp Audio Player


    A practical, free audio player, for all formats. dBpowerAmp Audio Player is a free audio player, with which you can listen to all music formats:...

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