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Discover all the downloads related to Music in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Music you can find and download software like BPM Studio Pro, ButtonBeats Piano Virtual, JetCast, Digital Voice Editor, Virtual DJ
  • Screenshot Advanced Playlist Builder

    Advanced Playlist Builder


    A program to create playlists so that your songs are always in order. Advanced Playlist Builder is a program that lets you create music playlists, so that your favourite...

  • Screenshot DrumSynth



    Have your own music synthesizer in your PC, which lets you create all types of sound rhythms and varieties. If you like music, and more specifically the rhythm of music, and many other sounds you can get...

  • Screenshot Karaoke Sound Tools

    Karaoke Sound Tools


    Modify your songs to sing them in a karaoke with Karaoke Sound Tools. Karaoke Sound Tools is a small program designed for the purpose of editing your songs for use in...

  • Screenshot Guitar FX BOX

    Guitar FX BOX


    Add music effects to your guitar recordings. With Guitar FX BOX you can process the sound of your guitar and your voice with musical effects in...

  • Screenshot MuvAudio


    Record any sound played via Windows Media Player. Absolutely any sound that comes out of your Windows Media Player you can record and store as an...

  • Screenshot Akram Audio Converter

    Akram Audio Converter


    Conversion among various multimedia formats, with an integrated CD ripper. As the name indicates, Akram Audio Converter is a tool that lets you convert among the most popular...

  • Screenshot Hercules Lighter

    Hercules Lighter


    Complete your Traktor DJ Studio. Illuminate the LEDs in Hercules Lighter when you connect it to the audio output of Traktor DJ...

  • Screenshot Ejay Dance

    Ejay Dance


    Create and mix your songs like a professional DJ! Ejay Dance is a tool for mixing music! And especially if it's dance music. To do this, it gives you...

  • Screenshot G-Force



    G-Force includes fantastic visualizations for your music! Are you tired of your music visualizers? Well enjoy the incredible shapes in G-Force. G-Force is...

  • Screenshot MP3 Repair Tool

    MP3 Repair Tool


    Repair damaged or corrupted MP3 files. If any of your favourite MP3 songs have stopped working, as you can't open them in your player as...

  • Screenshot MP3Doctor PRO

    MP3Doctor PRO


    Advanced MP3 and WAV file editing. MP3Doctor PRO gives you diverse editing utilites for audio files in MP3 or WAV formats. It includes...

  • Screenshot Miximum



    Learn how to mix music like a pro DJ. If you really want to be a DJ, don't miss out on this Miximum. It is a complete and powerful...

  • Screenshot Enable Tuner

    Enable Tuner


    With Enable Tuner you'll never have your instrument out of tune again. Enable Tuner is a program designed by and for musicians, intended for use as a real time tuner for...

  • Screenshot Power Mixer

    Power Mixer


    An advanced sound mixer and volume controller for Windows. Power Mixer is an advanced audio mixer, and an unbeatable substitute for the standard sound...

  • Screenshot Music Max Freeware Edition

    Music Max Freeware Edition


    Convert your PC into an authentic digital jukebox. Max Music is a powerful music player for MP3 digital audio, that will turn your PC into a digital...

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