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Discover all the downloads related to Messenger in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Messenger you can find and download software like Sony Ericsson PC Companion, Samsung Kies, Sony Ericsson PC Suite, YouWave for Android, ManyCam
  • Screenshot LANTalk XP

    LANTalk XP

    Instant messaging for LANs. LANTalk XP is an instant messaging application for LANs that lets users of that network communicate...

  • Screenshot MessengerResponse


    0.1.3 Beta

    An free answer machine for MSN Messenger. MessengerResponse is a free answer machine for your MSN Messenger instant messaging...

  • Screenshot iVisit



    All the communication possible via the Internet together in just one program. iVisit is an integrated communication system which isn't restricted to just text instant messaging,...

  • Screenshot iMessenger

    iMessenger beta

    A simple mini Messenger, one that's portable! Wish you could carry around Messenger, and be able to run it on any PC with an Internet connection?...

  • Screenshot Net Send Spoofer

    Net Send Spoofer


    Send messages on a LAN, and do so anonymously. Net Send Spoofer is a tool that lets you send anonymouos messages on a LAN to other users of the...

  • Screenshot Ahoihoi


    A powerful instant messaging program with everything you're looking for. There are many instant messaging programs, but you normally opt for working with a Microsoft...

  • Screenshot AOL Instant Messenger

    AOL Instant Messenger

    One of the most extensively used instant messaging clients in the world. AOL Instant Messenger is a world instant messaging community, in which you can stay in contact with...

  • Screenshot aMSN



    A client similar to the popular Messenger. If you're still longing for an instant messaging program that looks similar to the popular MSN...

  • Screenshot MSN7 Task Monitor

    MSN7 Task Monitor


    New options to show at the side of your nick in MSN Messenger. If you have MSN Messenger 7 or 7.5 installed in your PC, you will have seen a new feature so you...

  • Screenshot WIC



    A caller ID service. WIC, as indicated by its name, Who Is Calling, is a caller ID program for Windows, free and of open...

  • Screenshot Messenger Jump

    Messenger Jump


    A fun collection of animated winks for your MSN Messenger. If you spend hours and hours chatting with your friends and family on MSN Messenger, and you'd love...

  • Screenshot MessRes



    Save backups or recover everything that has happened on your Messenger. MessRes is a program that's especially designed for Windows Live Messenger, with which you can...

  • Screenshot Palringo



    A chat with aims to be a social network. This Palringo chat client is the fashion, to integrate the functions of the programs you already...

  • Screenshot OfficePopup



    It lets you send messages among PCs connected to a LAN quickly and effectively. If you are responsible for a LAN with one or various PCs connected together, then this utility is...

  • Screenshot Pirates of the Caribbean MSN Skin

    Pirates of the Caribbean MSN Skin


    A skin from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. If you want to give a different look to your Messenger Plus Live you can do with this skin, Pirates...

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