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Discover all the downloads related to Messenger in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Messenger you can find and download software like Sony Ericsson PC Companion, Samsung Kies, Sony Ericsson PC Suite, YouWave for Android, ManyCam
  • Screenshot Skype Answering Machine

    Skype Answering Machine

    An automatic answerphone for Skype. Here it is, the program that avoids a lot of headaches for all Skype users. A really practical...

  • Screenshot Miranda IM 9x/Me

    Miranda IM 9x/Me


    Miranda is an instant messaging client designed to be effective and easy to use. Miranda is an instant messaging client designed to be effective and easy to use. The program...

  • Screenshot Google Talk Polygamy

    Google Talk Polygamy

    How to open various Google Talk sessions at once. Because you are one of those who don't have Google Talk Polygamy in your PC, if you have various...

  • Screenshot Personal Call ID

    Personal Call ID


    Identify who is calling before you pick up the phone. Thanks to the Personal Call ID program, you can not only identify who's calling using your computer...

  • Screenshot FlashDeli



    An excellent utility to communicate in real time on LANs. When there are various users connected on the same LAN, and you want to communicate with each...

  • Screenshot CQPhone



    A voice, text or webcam instant messaging system. CQPhone is an instant communication system via voice, that lets you talk to your friends as if by...

  • Screenshot Messenger Plus! Live

    Messenger Plus! Live

    Increase the possibilities in Windows Live Messenger. Messenger Plus! Live is the perfect complement for Windows Live Messenger, as it lets you add...

  • Screenshot MSN Messenger

    MSN Messenger


    The messenger king, free and multilingual. MSN Messenger is one of the oldest and most famous instant messaging services currently circulating...

  • Screenshot Skype Email Toolbar

    Skype Email Toolbar


    Respond to your Outlook contacts with a Skype call. Would you like to make calls to all those contacts in your Outlook? Then you just need to install...

  • Screenshot Penguin MSN Skin

    Penguin MSN Skin

    A skin for MSN Messenger 7 that changes the look and adds new functions. As the name indicates, Penguin MSN Skin is a skin to change the look of your MSN Messenger 7...

  • Screenshot Multi Messenger

    Multi Messenger

    Open various Messenger accounts easily. If you wish to connect to various different accounts from your MSN Messenger, in order to convert...

  • Screenshot EatCam Webcam Recorder for MSN

    EatCam Webcam Recorder for MSN


    Record your Messenger videoconferences in AVI format. You're so far from your family, your girlfriend or your friends, every time you establish a...

  • Screenshot Google Talk

    Google Talk

    The Google instant messaging client. Google Talk is the new form of communication that Google's offering. An instant messaging client...

  • Screenshot ConCon MSN Emoticons Retriever

    ConCon MSN Emoticons Retriever


    Preview and backups of all the MSN Messenger emoticons you have in your PC. ConCon MSN Emoticons Retriever lets you view the emoticons in your MSN Messenger stored in your PC,...

  • Screenshot Messenger MAniA

    Messenger MAniA

    Change your status in MSN Messenger automatically. Messenger MAniA is a utility designed to accompany MSN Messenger and add an additional function to...

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