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Discover all the downloads related to Measurement Conversion in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Measurement Conversion you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Uconeer



    An impressive universal measurements converter, with 390 recognized measurements in 46 different categories. Uconeer is a measurements converter that understands no fewer than 397 units of measurement in 46...

  • Screenshot Currency Converter

    Currency Converter


    A simple free currency converter, that accepts up to 220 currencies from around the world. When converting currencies or quantities of money in different countries, say goodbye to the...

  • Screenshot Methvin Converter

    Methvin Converter


    A powerful, free converter for all units of measurement. Methvin Converter is a measurement converter with support for all types of measurement: density,...

  • Screenshot Desktop Currency Converter

    Desktop Currency Converter


    A simple, free converter of money and currencies, with real values updated via the Internet. Desktop Currency Converter is a converter of currencies from around the world, which always uses...

  • Screenshot A Simple Unit Converter

    A Simple Unit Converter

    A simple, free converter for all types of units. The name says it all: A Simple Unit Converter, a simple utility that makes unit conversions of all...

  • Screenshot Metric Converter

    Metric Converter


    Convert the European metric system to that of the USA. If for work reasons you have to convert European metric measurements to American, or vice versa,...

  • Screenshot DataRelate



    It allows conversions between binary, decimal and hexadecimal data, calculates transfer rates, etc. DataRelate is a magnificent utility for all types of conversions between binary, decimal and...

  • Screenshot Versaverter



    A converter of all types of units, with a total of 1000 available by default. On occasions, when you are working or studying, you find yourself needing to use a unit converter....

  • Screenshot Metric Convertor

    Metric Convertor


    A metric unit converter of diverse areas, totally for free. Metric Convertor is just that, simple, with no complications, which supports the British metric...

  • Screenshot Quick Exchange

    Quick Exchange


    Make conversions among the main currencies of the world, updated from the Internet. If you often work with numbers and figures in different currencies of the world, it is convenient...

  • Screenshot Abby



    A simple unit converter, free, practical and easy to use. Surely many times, when you are reading a book or watching the TV from other countries, you find...

  • Screenshot Omformaren



    A complete converter of more than 400 units of measurement. If in your work you need a tool that makes it easier to convert among distinct units of...

  • Screenshot PicoCurrency



    A free currency conversion tool. PicoCurrency is a very simple application that changes the amounts you insert of a currency to...

  • Screenshot Currencies



    A free utility to easily convert among the majority of currencies in the world. Currencies is a useful application that easily converts among the majority of currencies around the...

  • Screenshot Equival



    With just one click you can convert all types of measurements. Equival is a free application to change measurement units, as easy to use as it is complete in...

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