Download Languages & Dictionaries

Discover all the downloads related to Languages & Dictionaries in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Languages & Dictionaries you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot TheSage English Dictionary

    TheSage English Dictionary


    A complete English dictionary with more than 200,000 words. As the name indicates, TheSage English Dictionary is very complete and has more than 200,000...

  • Screenshot ABA English Course

    ABA English Course


    The best on-line English learning course. To learn English, ABA English course combines three key elements: - The best method. With the new...

  • Screenshot Office Translator

    Office Translator


    Translate your texts without effort, thanks to Office Translator. Office Translator (the offical translator for Microsoft Office) is a powerful tool that allows the...

  • Screenshot English-Russian Dictionary

    English-Russian Dictionary


    A new version of the best free English-Russian dictionary that exits on the Internet. Simply put, there is no other English-Russian dictionary on the Internet that's better than this...

  • Screenshot English-German Dictionary

    English-German Dictionary


    A powerful English-German dictionary including specific terminology on specific matters. For work reasons it is more and more common and essential to learn German. If this is your case...

  • Screenshot Freelang Dictionary English-Spanish

    Freelang Dictionary English-Spanish

    Lists of words to translate from English to Spanish and vice versa. Some years ago, the fact of knowing a second language was something that was available to very few...

  • Screenshot Pop-up Dictionary

    Pop-up Dictionary


    A complete translator with almost infinite possibilities for increasing the number of languages and dictionaries. Pop-Up Dictionary is an interactive translation dictionary with which you can do translations in...

  • Screenshot Web Translator

    Web Translator


    On-line website translator in ten languages. Web Translator is an on-line website translator into ten languages: English, French, German,...

  • Screenshot Global Translator

    Global Translator


    A fantastic translator for 14 languages. Global Translator is a very practical application that allows you to translate words, phrases or...

  • Screenshot Wordweb



    Wordweb is a powerful English dictionary for Windows. Wordweb is an English dictionary that's quick and powerful. You can use it to look for words in...

  • Screenshot Quick Translator

    Quick Translator


    Translate words and whole websites in more than 50 languages with just one click. Quick Translator lets you translate words and whole websites in more than 50 languages with just...

  • Screenshot Ace Translator

    Ace Translator


    It translates with a simple click. Ace Translator is simply amazing! This is a translator which works with 52 languages​​, and...

  • Screenshot Aramaic-Spanish Dictionary/Translator

    Aramaic-Spanish Dictionary/Translator

    A dictionary to translate Aramaic to Spanish, perfect for biblical texts. Aimed at helping students and fans of reading sacred texts, this Aramaic-Spanish...

  • Screenshot Magic Translator

    Magic Translator


    Translate text from a language you don't know. You have all been in the position of findng on the web a foreign-language text, one which you don't...

  • Screenshot CatsCradle



    A very complete utility to translate and edit the text on websites. CatsCradle is a tool to translate complete websites, without needing to worry about the design or...

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