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  • Screenshot Password Exporter

    Password Exporter


    Take your passwords with you wherever you go, to be able to use them in other PCs. This is a free add-on for Mozilla Firefox which lets you export and import your saved passwords to...

  • Screenshot VDownloader



    Download your favourite YouTube videos now. The emergence of YouTube and similar sites meant, at the time, a revolution in the PC world. But...

  • Screenshot ZFTPServer Suite

    ZFTPServer Suite


    A good, free FTP server. ZFTPServer Suite is a simple FTP server that offers you a file download and sharing service from...

  • Screenshot BeFaster Lite

    BeFaster Lite


    A very versatile download accelerator that works with any browser and connection. BeFaster Lite is a download accelerator that, thanks to the modification of hidden configurations...

  • Screenshot FireTune



    Optimize the efficiency of your Mozilla Firefox! FireTune is an essential add-on for all users of Mozilla Firefox, as it increases the efficiency...

  • Screenshot Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader

    Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader

    Download your favourite YouTube videos quickly. Have you ever watched a YouTube video and really liked it? Would you like to save a videoclip like...

  • Screenshot Daemons Tools Toolbar

    Daemons Tools Toolbar


    A toolbar to quickly access the functions of Daemons Tools. Daemons Tools Toolbar is a handy free taskbar, which will be useful, especially for users of the...

  • Screenshot Facebook Like Button

    Facebook Like Button


    The "I Like" button for Google Chrome, designed by Facebook themselves. Developed by Facebook directly, now thanks to this free extension for Google Chrome, called...

  • Screenshot Google Image Downloader

    Google Image Downloader


    Download images via Google searches, directly from your desktop. Google Image Downloader (or simply GiD, for short) is a specialized program for downloading images,...

  • Screenshot AdBlock Plus

    AdBlock Plus


    An add-on for Mozilla Firefox that blocks unwanted web content. Adblock is an add-on that works to filter content in the Mozilla Firefox web browser, much more...

  • Screenshot Pale Moon Portable

    Pale Moon Portable


    The portable edition of Pale Moon, to browse the Internet without slowdowns. If when you surf the Internet, you do it with the Firefox web browser, but it slows down your...

  • Screenshot Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox


    One of the best to browse via Lunix. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world, and a tough competitor of the...

  • Screenshot Aircrack-ng



    Decode the WEP and WPA-PSK codes. Aircrack-ng includes a package of tools for monitoring and analyziing WiFi, with which you can test...

  • Screenshot Free YouTube Download

    Free YouTube Download

    Get all the YouTube videos you want. YouTube has needed only a short time to become one of the best Internet video platforms, where you...

  • Screenshot Ares Music

    Ares Music


    A P2P client to download music. Ares Music is a program for downloading and sharing music in MP3 format. Ares ensures you a stable...

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