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Discover all the downloads related to Internet & Networks in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Internet & Networks you can find and download software like Google Chrome, Ares, Google Chrome Portable, aTube Catcher, Clac Radio
  • Screenshot Internet Controller

    Internet Controller


    Control and watch all the Internet connections of your PC. Thanks to Internet Controller you can control use of the Internet when you aren't there, very...

  • Screenshot Kazaa Corruption Fixer

    Kazaa Corruption Fixer


    Recover the corrupted downloads in Kazaa. On occasions, when you use the Kazaa file download program, for whatever reason, you find a file or...

  • Screenshot FirstStop WebSearch Free Edition

    FirstStop WebSearch Free Edition


    A powerful Internet searcher. Make searches from multple search engines to optimize searches and save time. FirstStop WebSearch is a powerful Internet searcher to make searches from multple search engines to...

  • Screenshot LucidLink WiFi Client

    LucidLink WiFi Client


    Connect to any Wifi network without problem. Connecting to a WiFi network and maintaining that connection securely can be a complicated task for...

  • Screenshot PopOops



    Free yourself of those irritating pop-ups in Internet Explorer. PopOops is a small and simple application that will free you of those irritating pop-ups in your...

  • Screenshot Xmlbar Video Downloader

    Xmlbar Video Downloader


    Download the videos you like most to your PC. If you have watched a video on the Internet and would like to save it to your hard drive, you can...

  • Screenshot IE9 Tweaker

    IE9 Tweaker


    Modify the options in IE9 to your liking, or create your own personalized start page. Although the eagerly awaited Internet Explorer 9 isn't yet officially out, and you have to settle...

  • Screenshot Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster


    An excellent free tool to control cookies, which lets you delete those you don't want. Cookie Monster is a complete cookie administrator for the most popular browsers in Windows: Mozilla...

  • Screenshot YouTube Download and Convert

    YouTube Download and Convert


    Download, convert and save your favourite videos. YouTube Download and Convert is a free program that surprises with its ease of use. It's specially...

  • Screenshot ochDownloader



    A quick and easy download manager which is very easy to use. Often, when you are used to a specific program, it takes a lot for you to change to another, even...

  • Screenshot SunDance Web Browser

    SunDance Web Browser


    A basic and effective Internet browser. SunDance Web Browser is a web browser that lets you browse the Internet with the advantage of...

  • Screenshot YaCy



    An open search engine, free and without censure, created by users for users. YaCy offers you a free search engine based on the peer to peer (P2P) technology, with a particular...

  • Screenshot IETweak


    A free program to modify hidden aspects and options in Internet Explorer. Modify hidden aspects of your Internet Explorer. IEtweak is a simple utility that opens the path to...

  • Screenshot NetLimiter Pro

    NetLimiter Pro


    NetLimiter is a tool that lets you limit the bandwidth used by programs or PCs on a LAN. NetLimiter is a tool to control traffic on the Internet, ideal for LANs, like offices, cyber-cafes,...

  • Screenshot WeFi



    Connect for free to the Internet wherever you are. WeFi is one of those programs created from the idea of ​​democratization in the use of the...

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