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Discover all the downloads related to Internet Explorer in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Internet Explorer you can find and download software like Google Chrome, Ares, Google Chrome Portable, aTube Catcher, Clac Radio
  • Screenshot Internet Explorer 9

    Internet Explorer 9


    Here is the most eagerly awaited If you want to discover what is offered in Microsoft's long-awaited new Internet Explorer, Internet...

  • Screenshot Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer


    The great web browser, rennovated and improved. Here is the latest Internet Explorer, the famous Microsoft web browser, which has incorporated a...

  • Screenshot Internet Explorer AutoRefresher

    Internet Explorer AutoRefresher


    A complement for Internet Explorer that lets you update a website automatically at intervals you establish. Internet Explorer AutoRefresher is a complement for Internet Explorer that lets you update a...

  • Screenshot IE History Extractor

    IE History Extractor


    Extract the logs from your Internet Explorer and export them to a file in the format you want. IE History Extractor is a simple program which extracts the logs from your Internet Explorer and...

  • Screenshot IeSpell



    An add-on for Internet Explorer that checks and corrects orthographic mistakes in your writing. IeSpell is a practical application, which adds itself to Internet Explorer, and checks and corrects...

  • Screenshot PopOops



    Free yourself of those irritating pop-ups in Internet Explorer. PopOops is a small and simple application that will free you of those irritating pop-ups in your...

  • Screenshot IE9 Tweaker

    IE9 Tweaker


    Modify the options in IE9 to your liking, or create your own personalized start page. Although the eagerly awaited Internet Explorer 9 isn't yet officially out, and you have to settle...

  • Screenshot IETweak


    A free program to modify hidden aspects and options in Internet Explorer. Modify hidden aspects of your Internet Explorer. IEtweak is a simple utility that opens the path to...

  • Screenshot Speckie



    Add an orthographic corrector to Internet Explorer. If you often work with Internet Explorer, you will have realized that it lacks a feature found in...

  • Screenshot Zunemytube



    A program to download videos from Youtube. Who hasn't been and watched something on the pages of Youtube or Google Video? Well then,...

  • Screenshot MyWeb4Net


    A free browser based on Internet Explorer but with browsing via tabs. MyWeb4Net is a free browser based on Internet Explorer but with browsing via tabs. In addition to...

  • Screenshot Anti Hijacker

    Anti Hijacker


    Stop your browser start page from being hijacked. Do you have problems with the start page of your Internet Explorer? Anti-Hijacker is a silent...

  • Screenshot Internet Explorer Vista

    Internet Explorer Vista


    The same old Explorer, optimized for Windows Vista. If for any program you use on your PC you're looking for the version that best suits your operating...

  • Screenshot AddaButton



    Personalize and add new buttons to the Internet Explorer toolbar. AddaButton is a free tool that lets you personalize the toolbar of Internet Explorer (from version...

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