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Discover all the downloads related to Home & Hobby in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Home & Hobby you can find and download software like Virtual Fashion Professional, Pepakura Designer, Desktop Eyes, Paper Airplane Factory, Fake Delete
  • Screenshot Virtual Fashion Professional

    Virtual Fashion Professional


    A professional tool for designing clothing. With Virtual Fashion Professional you can create clothing in 3D quickly and with professional...

  • Screenshot Pepakura Designer

    Pepakura Designer


    A program for fans of paper modelling. Enjoy on your own PC the ancient art of paper modelling with Pepakura Designer. This simple...

  • Screenshot Desktop Eyes

    Desktop Eyes


    Two eyes on your desktop that follow wherever the mouse goes. Desktop Eyes, more than a utility, is a type of game or funny joke for your Windows desktop. There...

  • Screenshot Paper Airplane Factory

    Paper Airplane Factory


    Create the best personalized paper aeroplanes. Your childhood wishes have come true! How many paper aeroplanes did you make at home, how much time...

  • Screenshot Fake Delete

    Fake Delete


    A joke which simulates the deletion of all the files and folders from the hard drive. Fake Delete is a joke which simulates the deletion of all the files and folders from the hard...

  • Screenshot BibliaSoft



    An electronic Bible, based on the Reina Valera version of 1960. BibliaSoft offers a convenient electronic bible, very easy to use and see (you just need to install...

  • Screenshot Paper Folding 3D

    Paper Folding 3D


    The best way to start out in the ancient art of paper folding. Paper Folding 3D is a great way to start out and learn the first steps of paper folding, the art of...

  • Screenshot Virtual Hypnotist

    Virtual Hypnotist


    A free and interactive game to practise hypnosis. Virtual Hypnotist is an interactive game, free and of open code, to practise hypnosis. Based on...

  • Screenshot Luxand BabyMaker

    Luxand BabyMaker


    r baby's face look? The nine-month gestation period of a woman may be reduced to a single second with Luxand Baby...

  • Screenshot CoolReader



    A small, but fast eBook reader, for desktops, laptops and even mobiles. The CoolReader program is a small, simple reader for eBooks, which is open source and very quick to...

  • Screenshot Hair Master

    Hair Master


    Which is the hairstyle you prefer the most? Your hairstyle is perhaps the element that most affects your physical image. Therefore, when...

  • Screenshot Ltrack



    A complete following of all the most important football leagues in the world. Ltrack is the dream of any football fan: a complete following of all the most important football...

  • Screenshot eBookMaestro Free

    eBookMaestro Free


    A practical utility to have your eBooks always to hand and organized. eBookMaestro is a tool to have all your eBooks ordered and organized. It will enormously improve...

  • Screenshot Hair Pro

    Hair Pro


    Find your perfect haircut. Not sure if that haircut suits you? With Hair Pro you can find out! Insert your photo and try over...

  • Screenshot MultiError Pro

    MultiError Pro


    Create your own error messages in Windows format and play jokes on your coleagues. MultiError Pro is a fun application that lets you play all types of jokes on your colleagues. You...

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