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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Tux Typing

    Tux Typing


    Learn typing as if it were a game. Tux Typing shows you a great way to learn typing. It's intended for all audiences, but the younger...

  • Screenshot Metric Convertor

    Metric Convertor


    A metric unit converter of diverse areas, totally for free. Metric Convertor is just that, simple, with no complications, which supports the British metric...

  • Screenshot VLabQ



    Now you can have a chemistry lab in your own home. VLabQ is a program to simulate the processes involved in a chemical experiment. It's a very...

  • Screenshot Freelang German-Spanish Dictionary

    Freelang German-Spanish Dictionary


    Lists of words in German and Spanish. The Freelang dictionary is a project that offers you free dictionaries for several languages:...

  • Screenshot MegaPik



    A tool to stimulate children's imagination. The MegaPik program will allow children (designed for children between 5 and 11) to draw and paint...

  • Screenshot Ardora



    Create activities to be completed on-line by your students. With Ardora you can create, in a very simple way, dozens of fun educational activities for your...

  • Screenshot Maxima



    An educational tool for computational algebra. Maxima is an application for manipulating symbolic and numerical expressions. With this tool you...

  • Screenshot Language Identifier

    Language Identifier


    It tells you which language a specific text is written in. If you don't know what language a specific text is written in, pass it through Language Identifier...

  • Screenshot PROMT Translation agent

    PROMT Translation agent


    Quick and easy instant translation tool. PROMT Translation agent offers a totally free on-line translation tool which is very simple to use,...

  • Screenshot MemChinese



    An easy and entertaining way to learn Chinese. To introduce yourself and have basic Chinese classes, there's nothing better than MemChinese. An...

  • Screenshot Roasoft Calculator

    Roasoft Calculator

    Don't go crazy trying to do calculations! Download this Roasoft Calculator and let it work for you. Roasoft Calculator is a fantastic program with which you can put aside your notebook and pen when...

  • Screenshot Reading Comprehension Activities

    Reading Comprehension Activities


    Increase the reading comprehension of your students with Reading Comprehension Activities. Reading Comprehension Activities is a simple program that runs under Clic, which will show up to 5...

  • Screenshot Site Translator

    Site Translator


    Powerful website translation software, so that you can make your website multi-lingual. Site Translator, as the name indicates, is a website translation program, so you can make your...

  • Screenshot Babble



    Test your vocabulary and learn new words with this game. Babble is a game in which you can test your use of a language, but it also works to help you learn...

  • Screenshot PG Calculator

    PG Calculator


    An excellent, advanced and complete scientific calculator with the look of an HP49g. PG Calculator is one of the best and most complete scientific calculators you can find. The...

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