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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot DeskCalc Pro

    DeskCalc Pro


    A powerful calculator similar to the Windows one but with extra options. DeskCalc is quite a complete and practical calculator that in addition to including all the basic...

  • Screenshot ABC English Made Easy

    ABC English Made Easy


    A different and entertaining way to learn and perfect English. Because there's no better way than playing to learn a language, ABC English Made Easy is a...

  • Screenshot DataRelate



    It allows conversions between binary, decimal and hexadecimal data, calculates transfer rates, etc. DataRelate is a magnificent utility for all types of conversions between binary, decimal and...

  • Screenshot Cabra



    Create didactic cards to help your studies. If you are thinking about creating your own question and answer cards for studying, this Cabra...

  • Screenshot Dixio Desktop

    Dixio Desktop


    Definitions and translations in an instant, for any text you read on the PC. Do you often need to open a translator or a dictionary to read articles on-line? Are you someone...

  • Screenshot Versaverter



    A converter of all types of units, with a total of 1000 available by default. On occasions, when you are working or studying, you find yourself needing to use a unit converter....

  • Screenshot Avogadro



    Edit and view chemical processes from your PC. If your car's been stolen or your husband or wife wants to divorce you, you need a lawyer. But if...

  • Screenshot ZikiTranslator



    An on-line translator in eight languages. ZikiTranslator, as the name suggests, is an on-line translator that lets you translate text in up...

  • Screenshot Numero



    A simple and practical free scientific calculator, totally personalizable. Cosines, sines, tangents, powers, square roots ... the Windows calculator is lacking with this type...

  • Screenshot EzCalc



    A professional calculator with a multitude of functions. EzCalc is a complete calculator with which you can perform all operations on the computer, in a...

  • Screenshot Resume Builder

    Resume Builder


    A program to create a better CV. When you present a CV, both the content and the presentation are important. A CV with a...

  • Screenshot Inplace Calculator

    Inplace Calculator


    Much more than a simple calculator. Inplace Calculator is much more than a simple, normal calculator. In addition to doing all the...

  • Screenshot WinThermo



    Convert centigrade to Fahrenheit and vice versa with very interesting additional information. WinThermo is a simple program to convert centigrade to Fahrenheit and vice versa. But apart from...

  • Screenshot Global Weather 3D

    Global Weather 3D


    View and explore the weather anywhere on Earth thanks to Global Weather 3D. Global Weather 3D is an excellent program that allows you to see, in a comfortable and easy way,...

  • Screenshot CalcSupreme



    The definitive scientific calculator you have always been looking for, excellently equipped. CalcSupreme is probably the definitive scientific calculator for your work, with a wide range of...

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