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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Phun



    Learn the laws of physics playing Phun, and create marvellous scenes to practice in. Phun, also known as the Phun 2D Physics Sandbox is a wonderful free program that lets you create...

  • Screenshot Lingoes Translator

    Lingoes Translator


    A fantastic translator in a large number of languages. Lingoes Translator is an easy and intuitive text translator, offering searches in dictionaries,...

  • Screenshot Translator LIVE!

    Translator LIVE!


    Forget having to take heavy dictionaries with you everywhere. Usually, when you want to translate in various languages you have to resort to diverse dictionaries...

  • Screenshot Equation Grapher

    Equation Grapher


    Create graphs in 2D of any equation. Equation Grapher is a simple and practical application able to create graphs in 2D of any equation...

  • Screenshot Rapid Typing

    Rapid Typing


    An effective assistant to learn typing. Rapid Typing is a program dedicated to teaching typing, which has a nice interface that invites its...

  • Screenshot Khi3



    A complete scientific calculator with multiple functions and games. Khi3 is much more than a scientific calculator. It's an educational and fun tool, for free, with...

  • Screenshot Language Reader

    Language Reader


    Read texts in various languages. Language Reader uses the latest technologies in speech recognition and applies them to any text...

  • Screenshot MultiTab



    A tool to make it easier for children to learn basic mathematical operations. Multitab is a program designed especially for small children to easily learn their multiplication...

  • Screenshot Graph



    A program to draw graphs of mathematical functions. Graph is an open source multilingual application you can download and use for free, designed to...

  • Screenshot Interactive English

    Interactive English

    A prorgam with support activities for learning High school English. Interactive English is a learning and support program for English language courses, at the second...

  • Screenshot 10 Finger Breakout

    10 Finger Breakout


    Learn or improve your typing while you play the classic Breakout. It is hard to classify this program, as 10 Finger Breakout is an application that's half way...

  • Screenshot Typing



    An assistant for typing, free and multilingual. If you have always been concerned about the slow speed with which you write on your PC keyboard,...

  • Screenshot Babiloo



    A free English-Spanish dictionary with more than 70000 word definitions. Problems or doubts with Cervantes? Don't worry because here comes Babiloo, a magnificent free...

  • Screenshot Unicornius Dental

    Unicornius Dental


    An advanced multimedia tool to develop dental implants. Unicornius Dental is an advanced system for professional dentists, which works to diagnose, develop...

  • Screenshot Interlex


    A free program to improve and increase your vocabulary in distinct languages. Perfect your knowledge of foreign languages with Interlex, a tool which lets you improve or...

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