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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Language Coach

    Language Coach


    A free application to create lessons and courses in foreign languages. Language Coach is a great help for foreign language teachers, working to support them in classes or...

  • Screenshot Bodie



    A program to learn typing. With Bodie's Typing you have a practical tool to learn or improve your typing. It is very small and...

  • Screenshot Equalizer



    A new looking expressions calculator, totally personalizable with skins. Equalizer is a complete scientific calculator with a new and highly original design. In place of...

  • Screenshot Metric Converter

    Metric Converter


    Convert the European metric system to that of the USA. If for work reasons you have to convert European metric measurements to American, or vice versa,...

  • Screenshot Froggy



    A fun weather program. Froggy is more than just a virtual pet, it's your home weather service. In addition to livening up...

  • Screenshot K3DSurf



    3D graphic representation via mathematical formula and equations. K3DSurf is an application somewhere between art and mathematics, which can represent objects in 3D...

  • Screenshot CatsCradle



    A very complete utility to translate and edit the text on websites. CatsCradle is a tool to translate complete websites, without needing to worry about the design or...

  • Screenshot KidsRuby



    A simple and fun program so that children can learn programmingas soon as possible. KidsRuby is a program for learning programming in Ruby language, created and designed exclusively...

  • Screenshot Talking Translator Pro

    Talking Translator Pro


    An excellent translater which allows you to translate either by text or voice. Talking Translator Pro is a utility which can translate text among 8 languages​​, forming 23...

  • Screenshot OmniGlyph



    A program to design electronic circuit diagrams. OmniGlyph (also called CIRCAD) is a program that can create electrical diagrams, ideal for the...

  • Screenshot Marble



    A virtual atlas with which you can study the whole Earth. Do you like to travel but don't have time to leave home? Thanks to Marble that's not a problem as...

  • Screenshot Microsoft Mouse Mischief

    Microsoft Mouse Mischief


    Create slideshows where all the students take part! Microsoft Mouse Mischief is a tool for teachers that Microsoft itself offers free of charge, to...

  • Screenshot Phun



    Learn the laws of physics playing Phun, and create marvellous scenes to practice in. Phun, also known as the Phun 2D Physics Sandbox is a wonderful free program that lets you create...

  • Screenshot DeadLine



    Solve all types of equations and view their graphs. DeadLine is a powerful tool for students and engineers that can solve equations and display the...

  • Screenshot Basic Mechanics

    Basic Mechanics


    An educational program with examples of mechanical physics. Basic Mechanics is an educational tool that aims to teach students the complex systems of pulleys,...

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