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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Calc 3D Pro

    Calc 3D Pro


    An incredible tool to solve the most difficult mathematical questions. Some teachers are bored of Calc 3D Pro because it solves mathematical tasks. However, others need...

  • Screenshot Mars24



    All the dates and times in real time of the planet Mars, for all big fans of astronomy. Mars24 is a program created by NASA with which you can see at all times what the time is on the...

  • Screenshot GS Typing Tutor

    GS Typing Tutor


    Learn typing in a distinct way to you are used to, but friendly, entertaining and relaxed. If you are one of those who have tried learning to type, either in real life or on the PC, and...

  • Screenshot Scilab



    A complete scientific program for numerical calculation, which you can download for free. Scilab is a scientific program developed to perform complex studies on numerical calculations, and...

  • Screenshot A Simple Unit Converter

    A Simple Unit Converter

    A simple, free converter for all types of units. The name says it all: A Simple Unit Converter, a simple utility that makes unit conversions of all...

  • Screenshot Kidz CD1

    Kidz CD1


    A collection of applications for those younger than six. The youngest in the house are also curious about the computer, but you have to be careful with...

  • Screenshot CubeTest



    A free program to test and check your spatial awareness and vision. CubeTest is a program that works to practise and check your spatial vision. There are 10 visual...

  • Screenshot Ace Translator

    Ace Translator


    It translates with a simple click. Ace Translator is simply amazing! This is a translator which works with 52 languages​​, and...

  • Screenshot HP-12C Platinum

    HP-12C Platinum


    A scientific and financial calculator that has a hyper-realistic interface. HP-12C Platinum is a scientific and financial calculator that has a hyper-realistic interface. It...

  • Screenshot Interactive World Map

    Interactive World Map


    A digital atlas to find all the countries of the world and their co-ordinates. Interactive World Map is an elegant digital map what will help you find all the countries of the...

  • Screenshot Gauss



    Draw, show on-screen and control all types of 3D shapes defined by mathematical expressions. Draw and show lines and surfaces in 3D which are defined algebraically in diverse shapes like, for...

  • Screenshot Aramaic-Spanish Dictionary/Translator

    Aramaic-Spanish Dictionary/Translator

    A dictionary to translate Aramaic to Spanish, perfect for biblical texts. Aimed at helping students and fans of reading sacred texts, this Aramaic-Spanish...

  • Screenshot PL Table

    PL Table


    With PL Table you have a complete Periodic Table of Elements with additional information on each element. With PL Table you have a complete Periodic Table of Elements with additional information on each...

  • Screenshot Learn To Type Tutor

    Learn To Type Tutor


    A magnificent typing program-game, to learn to type in a fun way. Learn To Type Tutor will help you check and improve your typing via fun and practical lessons and...

  • Screenshot Magic Translator

    Magic Translator


    Translate text from a language you don't know. You have all been in the position of findng on the web a foreign-language text, one which you don't...

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