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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot MecaNet



    A portable program to learn typing. Nowadays due to the IT world, speed over the keyboard is an essential skill, so more and more...

  • Screenshot QuizFaber



    Generate exams in a few minutes with all types of options and possibilities. QuizFaber could be a fundamental and instrumental help for teachers and academic personnel. This...

  • Screenshot MecaNet Core

    MecaNet Core


    The simple version of MecaNet aimed at preparing courses or exams. Developed as a popular variation of the MecaNet on-line typing course, MecaNet Core is also a...

  • Screenshot Graphmatica



    A powerful and very complete program to design, solve and draw graphic equations. Graphmatica is a program for solving mathematical equations and graphic design functions, popular...

  • Screenshot Meteobox



    Know in depth what the weather is like in any city in the world. A widget is a type of application that's completely independent, and doesn't need intermediaries or...

  • Screenshot TheSage English Dictionary

    TheSage English Dictionary


    A complete English dictionary with more than 200,000 words. As the name indicates, TheSage English Dictionary is very complete and has more than 200,000...

  • Screenshot KTechLab



    Design your own electric circuits without risk of electrocution. If you are a electronics expert or aspire to be so in the near future, in Ktechlab you are getting...

  • Screenshot Uconeer



    An impressive universal measurements converter, with 390 recognized measurements in 46 different categories. Uconeer is a measurements converter that understands no fewer than 397 units of measurement in 46...

  • Screenshot Kicad



    Create your electronic circuits on the PC. If you like electronics, with the Kicad software package offered here you get a system for creating...

  • Screenshot ABA English Course

    ABA English Course


    The best on-line English learning course. To learn English, ABA English course combines three key elements: - The best method. With the new...

  • Screenshot Office Translator

    Office Translator


    Translate your texts without effort, thanks to Office Translator. Office Translator (the offical translator for Microsoft Office) is a powerful tool that allows the...

  • Screenshot Currency Converter

    Currency Converter


    A simple free currency converter, that accepts up to 220 currencies from around the world. When converting currencies or quantities of money in different countries, say goodbye to the...

  • Screenshot DragMath



    A useful mathematical equations editor. The DragMath program offers you a full editor of mathematical equations. This tool comes as a Java...

  • Screenshot Mechanography 10

    Mechanography 10


    Learning how to type has never been so easy. Maybe you're sitting for a Public Administration exam and need to type at a certain rate, and...

  • Screenshot English-Russian Dictionary

    English-Russian Dictionary


    A new version of the best free English-Russian dictionary that exits on the Internet. Simply put, there is no other English-Russian dictionary on the Internet that's better than this...

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