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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Abacux Premium

    Abacux Premium


    A scientific calculator, periodic table and much more. Abacux Premium could be considered as a star pupil, with a clear vocation for science subjects, far...

  • Screenshot Flavio Web Translator

    Flavio Web Translator

    Translate texts and websites. Flavio Web Translator is a very useful tool that should not be missing from your favourites....

  • Screenshot Lantiv Timetabler

    Lantiv Timetabler


    A fantastic tool aimed at educators. The Lantiv Timetabler program is a complete tool designed for teachers at schools, colleges and...

  • Screenshot Periodic Table Explorer

    Periodic Table Explorer


    Browse the periodic table and learn at the same time. Periodic Table Explorer is an educational software to learn much more about the chemical elements...

  • Screenshot Cute Translator

    Cute Translator


    Powerful program to translate texts. Cute Translator is a simple, practical program that will allow you to translate texts into the...

  • Screenshot Dokeos



    Create courses and evaluate them with your online students using Dokeos. Dokeos is a management program for learning and assessment via the web. Once installed on a server,...

  • Screenshot EyeSpeak English

    EyeSpeak English

    Improve your English pronunciation with EyeSpeak. Today English is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world, but despite knowing many...

  • Screenshot 3D World Map

    3D World Map


    Travel the world without leaving your chair. 3D World Map is a program that allows you to see the world in 3D detail and you can see more than...

  • Screenshot Business Translator

    Business Translator


    Translation tool with 11 available languages. Business Translator is a tool that will help you translate your documents and web pages visited....

  • Screenshot Musical Activities

    Musical Activities


    A tool with which you can do all sorts of musical activities. This Musical Activities program consists of five packages containing various activities to address...

  • Screenshot Equival



    With just one click you can convert all types of measurements. Equival is a free application to change measurement units, as easy to use as it is complete in...

  • Screenshot Click



    Create applications aimed at education. More than a program, Click is like a virtual teacher because its mind only works for creating...

  • Screenshot Formulator MathML Weaver

    Formulator MathML Weaver

    Complete mathematical editor to create complex equations. Formulator MathML Weaver is a very easy to use and intuitive program, thanks to its fully visual...

  • Screenshot Multiplication Flash

    Multiplication Flash


    Practise your multiplication tables in a friendly way. If your children are in the learning phase of their multiplication tables, you may not know that...

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