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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Math Suga

    Math Suga


    Much more than a scientific calculator. Math Suga is an excellent scientific calculator, equipped with multiple and unconventional extra...

  • Screenshot Abby



    A simple unit converter, free, practical and easy to use. Surely many times, when you are reading a book or watching the TV from other countries, you find...

  • Screenshot TransJ



    A multilingual translation tool for your desktop written in Java. TransJ is a multilingual translation tool for your desktop written in Java. TransJ uses SWT...

  • Screenshot Solar Model

    Solar Model


    A window on the Universe from your PC! Solar Model is a true representation of the Solar System, through which you can make as many...

  • Screenshot StatsHype



    A database for school notes and exams. StatsHype is a small application that will help you keep track of your grades at school or college....

  • Screenshot Phoxel Tourist Aid

    Phoxel Tourist Aid


    The most common words and phrases in hundreds of languages from around the world. Phoxel Tourist Aid is a highly useful program for tourists or travellers who are continually moving...

  • Screenshot MultiTranse



    An on-line translator for a large number of languages. MultiTranse is an on-line translator among 19 languages: English, Portuguese, Dutch, French,...

  • Screenshot Omformaren



    A complete converter of more than 400 units of measurement. If in your work you need a tool that makes it easier to convert among distinct units of...

  • Screenshot PicoCurrency



    A free currency conversion tool. PicoCurrency is a very simple application that changes the amounts you insert of a currency to...

  • Screenshot Lingobit Localizer

    Lingobit Localizer


    The best help to translate your applications to any language. If you develop IT applications, you know that one of the best ways of promoting them and increasing...

  • Screenshot Yokozuna



    Learn Japanese, and know how to correctly draw all the kanjis. Yokozuna lets you enter the world of Japanese and its alphabet, learning the kanjis in an effective...

  • Screenshot Resistor Colour Code Solver

    Resistor Colour Code Solver


    Resistor Colour Code Solver is a very useful tool to learn the basics of electronics. Resistor Colour Code Solver is a tiny program that can calculate the value of a resistor from its...

  • Screenshot SpeedCrunch Portable

    SpeedCrunch Portable

    An excellent calculator you can take with you anywhere. SpeedCrunch Portable is an algebraic calculator specifically designed as a portable app, based on...

  • Screenshot DreamCalc Professional

    DreamCalc Professional


    DreamCalc Professional is a great scientific calculator for your PC. Sometimes when you're working on your PC, you need to do some mathematical operations that system...

  • Screenshot Chemical Formula Vol III

    Chemical Formula Vol III


    Chemical nomenclatures and formulas within your reach. Chemical Formula is a highly recommended educational software for students, teachers and lovers of...

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