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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Best Reader

    Best Reader


    Activate your intellectual ability to capture information. Every day, in your workplace, in your leisure time with friends, while watching TV or when you walk...

  • Screenshot OEstVac



    An easy to use organizer for studying during the holidays. OEstVac offers a variant of the popular OEst program, a studies organizer specially designed to...

  • Screenshot First Certificate English Program

    First Certificate English Program

    Get your Cambridge First Certificate. As you can usually read in the slogans of some schools, we can't study for you, but by offering...

  • Screenshot Storm Predator

    Storm Predator


    Advanced software for following, analyzing and predicting large storms. Storm Predator gives the user radar images in almost real time on your Windows desktop. What use is...

  • Screenshot Algebrus



    A scientific calculator for advanced mathematical operations. Algebrus is a scientific calculator for advanced mathematical operations, which can even generate...

  • Screenshot Linos Calculator

    Linos Calculator


    Eight different types of scientific calculator in just one. Linos Calculator is an excellent tool if you have to work daily with various scientific...

  • Screenshot Alter Meca WinX

    Alter Meca WinX

    A free typing course. Alter Meca WinX is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn to type, or increase their...

  • Screenshot NetSupport School

    NetSupport School


    Control all the PCs in a classroom. NetSupport School is the best tool to control an entire class of IT students! With NetSupport...

  • Screenshot Everest Dictionary

    Everest Dictionary


    A great collection of dictionaries in 9 languages. With Everest Dictionary you have at your disposal, conveniently from your PC, over 35 different...

  • Screenshot OnlineLiveWorld



    An authentic encyclopedia with on-line access to a multitude of geographic content. OnlineliveWorld is a complete geographic encyclopedia that offers a large amount of data and...

  • Screenshot Alice Law

    Alice Law


    Play and learn about the Theory of Relativity. Learn the Theory of Relativity with Alice Law. This educational program includes up to 13 chapters...

  • Screenshot Quick Exchange

    Quick Exchange


    Make conversions among the main currencies of the world, updated from the Internet. If you often work with numbers and figures in different currencies of the world, it is convenient...

  • Screenshot XXL Calculator

    XXL Calculator


    A totally accessible calculator for those who have impaired sight. The main feature of XXL Calculator is its large size and complete accessibility, measuring a full...

  • Screenshot Cliptrans



    An automatica and immediate translator in up to 30 languages! Cliptrans uses the most popular translators on the Internet, like Babelfish, Systran, Google, etc...

  • Screenshot Ergane



    Free multilingual translator for words and phrases. Ergane is a multilingual dictionary and translator, that is based on Esperanto, to translate words...

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