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Discover all the downloads related to Education & Science in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Education & Science you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Universe Sandbox

    Universe Sandbox


    Use the Universe as your playground. The Universe Sandbox program, more than a space simulator (it is, and very complete) offers you a...

  • Screenshot Kidspiration



    Stimulate and develop the learning and capacity of children from 4 to 10 years of age. Kidspiration is a learning and visual structuring tool for information, aimed specifically at...

  • Screenshot jMemorize



    A free program to increase your ability to memorize and optimize your learning. jMemorize is a free application done in Java which manages and improves your learning processes via...

  • Screenshot Proteus Lite

    Proteus Lite


    Simulate and create electronic diagrams and circuits. Proteus Lite offers you, to download and try for free, a small collection of programs for the...

  • Screenshot Microsoft Encarta

    Microsoft Encarta


    The first and most famous digital encyclopedia. With its encyclopedia Encarta, Microsoft revolutionized the landscape of encyclopedias, offering a...

  • Screenshot Hot Potatoes

    Hot Potatoes

    A free tool to create 6 types of web-based exercises and tests. Hot Potatoes could be defined as an interactive test and exercise creation and generation software,...

  • Screenshot StarCalc



    A complete astronomical chart in your hand, thanks to this tiny program. StarCalc is a complete guide to star maps, which lets you get an image of any place in space...

  • Screenshot Multiplication Flash

    Multiplication Flash


    An educational utility for children to learn their multiplication tables. Multiplication Flash is an educational utility for young children to learn their multiplication...

  • Screenshot StarStrider



    Enjoy a virtual walk through space with this fantastic Planetarium. Fans of science and astronomy: this is your program. StarStrider brings to your screen all the...

  • Screenshot Periodic Table

    Periodic Table


    The most complete free periodic table with more information available as updates. Get all the information on all the elements in the modern Periodic Table. Download the Periodic...

  • Screenshot Fcharts SE

    Fcharts SE


    All types of charts, graphics and diagrams available to you. FCharts SE is a free application to keep control over stocks, shares or any other activity that...

  • Screenshot Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers


    Create multiple-choice exams or questionnaires. Questions and Answers, a very useful tool for teachers of any subject, lets you create...

  • Screenshot QCM Package Lite

    QCM Package Lite


    Automate the correction of your exams. QCM Lite Package contains two different programs, one that allows you to create your custom exams...

  • Screenshot GeoGebra


    A program to learn geometry. GeoGebra is a complete program for all those who want to improve their knowledge of geometry....

  • Screenshot Geometry



    Draw geometric shapes and practise with exercises. Geometry is a multilingual program you can download and distribute for free (another example of the...

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