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Discover all the downloads related to Communications in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Communications you can find and download software like Sony Ericsson PC Companion, Samsung Kies, Sony Ericsson PC Suite, YouWave for Android, ManyCam
  • Screenshot Revolver Mail

    Revolver Mail


    An email manager with agenda and calendar functions. Revolver Mail brings together all the elements of a functional personal information administrator,...

  • Screenshot Bonfire for Twitter

    Bonfire for Twitter


    Add a chat to your Twitter account, to speak with your contacts in real time. Twitter has become one of the most essential communication tools of recent years, for its immediacy...

  • Screenshot Gmail Checker

    Gmail Checker


    A great Firefox manager for Gmail accounts. Gmail Checker is a great free extension for Mozilla Firefox, with which you can manage your Gmail...

  • Screenshot Evolution


    A high level email client, complete and is also of open code. Evolution is much more than an email client. It is an enormously versatile open code tool, complete...

  • Screenshot Outlook Attachment Sniffer

    Outlook Attachment Sniffer

    It lets you save all the attached files that arrive in Outlook directly to a folder for each sender. If in your daily work you receive a lot of attached files in your email, it can start affecting the...

  • Screenshot FlashDeli



    An excellent utility to communicate in real time on LANs. When there are various users connected on the same LAN, and you want to communicate with each...

  • Screenshot ClickYes Pro

    ClickYes Pro


    A tool to manage the applications that use Microsoft Outlook. ClickYes Pro lets you configure and specify which applications can automatically send emails via...

  • Screenshot Online Radio Tuner

    Online Radio Tuner


    Listen to, record and manage radio broadcasts. With Online Radio Tuner you have access to 800 or more radio broadcasters from around the world who...

  • Screenshot CQPhone



    A voice, text or webcam instant messaging system. CQPhone is an instant communication system via voice, that lets you talk to your friends as if by...

  • Screenshot SynchPst for Outlook

    SynchPst for Outlook


    Synchronize folders in Outlook. SynchPst for Outlook lets you synchronize data between two files in personal folders (.pst files)...

  • Screenshot Mail Notifier

    Mail Notifier


    A tool to check the new GMail and Yahoo email accounts. Mail Notifier is a free tool that tells you when new messages arrive in your email accounts. It has...

  • Screenshot SecuExpress Deluxe

    SecuExpress Deluxe


    Convert your webcam into an authentic domestic security system. SecuExpress converts your webcam into a vigilance system that monitors your home or office and...

  • Screenshot BlogRadio



    A practical and functional blog reader. If you are a devourer of information, and you are subscribed to a lot of blog content via RSS feed...

  • Screenshot PPStream (

    PPStream (


    Surely the most used Internet TV program in the world. PPStream, or, as it's also known, is a popular Internet television program, through the P2P...

  • Screenshot GmailClipse Client

    GmailClipse Client


    A free email manager for Gmail accounts. If you posses one or various Gmail email accounts, and are tired of having to manage them by...

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