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Discover all the downloads related to Communications in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Communications you can find and download software like Sony Ericsson PC Companion, Samsung Kies, Sony Ericsson PC Suite, YouWave for Android, ManyCam
  • Screenshot Clac TV

    Clac TV


    Enjoy TV on your PC. Would you like to enjoy your favourite TV programs in your PC? Clac TV is a simple and practical...

  • Screenshot Snappy Fax Client

    Snappy Fax Client


    Send and receive faxes as if you had a complete fax machine at home. If you have a scanner and a fax modem at home, Snappy Fax lets you send and receive faxes, send...

  • Screenshot Skype Office Toolbar

    Skype Office Toolbar


    Work while you talk on Skype, and send your documents directly. Skype Office Toolbar is a free toolbar for the popular Skype phone messaging program that links its...

  • Screenshot WP Wizard

    WP Wizard


    Create your blog in WordPress very simply and easily. Download, install, configure and start writing your own blog, created through WordPress in a single...

  • Screenshot Windows Live Messenger

    Windows Live Messenger


    The best concept of Messenger. Windows Live Messenger offers you an advanced concept for the famous Messenger instant messaging...

  • Screenshot Skype


    The future of telephony is free and it's called Skype. Is there anyone who hasn't heard of the famous and revolutionary Skype? Whether you know it or not,...

  • Screenshot Windows Live Mail

    Windows Live Mail


    Email with all the features of Outlook Express. Windows Live Mail is a new email client created by Microsoft. This application allows you to...

  • Screenshot GClient


    2012 1.0

    What are your Google Plus contacts doing now? With the advent of Google Plus, the new Google social network, programs and applications are also...

  • Screenshot Silverlight for Facebook

    Silverlight for Facebook

    4 Beta

    The Microsoft client for Facebook. After getting addicted to Facebook, it's time to take a step further, and acquire a free resource...

  • Screenshot W.Bloggar



    The ideal setting to design, manage and maintain your blog, or even various at once. W.Bloggar is a setting for Windows, optimized and designed to offer a quick and intuitive interface...

  • Screenshot Windows Easy Transfer

    Windows Easy Transfer


    Transfer any document to a PC with Windows Vista. Windows Easy Transfer lets you automatically copy your files, photos, music, emails, adjustments or...

  • Screenshot Twenty Spy

    Twenty Spy


    A specific browser for Tuenti, with a good number of functions. Twenty Spy could be defined as a web browser, but only to surf Tuenti, the popular Spanish social...

  • Screenshot IncrediMail 2

    IncrediMail 2


    The funniest email manager in the world. IncrediMail is the most fun email client on the market, because it includes many options for you to...

  • Screenshot Route Converter

    Route Converter


    An easy utility to create and edit GPS routes. If you're someone who likes to go for a walk to nowhere, plan your travel routes by heart or simply...

  • Screenshot Free Christmas Smilies

    Free Christmas Smilies

    Fun animated Christmas emoticons, which can adorn your messages written at this festive time. Fun animated Christmas emoticons which work to liven up your messages during the Christmas...

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