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Discover all the downloads related to Calculators in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Calculators you can find and download software like Universe Sandbox, Kidspiration, jMemorize, Proteus Lite, Microsoft Encarta
  • Screenshot Calcute



    A free calculator for Windows, with a simple appearance, but which includes many options. Calcute is a free calculator for Windows. Simple, compact and solid, but without losing...

  • Screenshot HP-12C Platinum

    HP-12C Platinum


    A scientific and financial calculator that has a hyper-realistic interface. HP-12C Platinum is a scientific and financial calculator that has a hyper-realistic interface. It...

  • Screenshot Equalizer



    A new looking expressions calculator, totally personalizable with skins. Equalizer is a complete scientific calculator with a new and highly original design. In place of...

  • Screenshot Khi3



    A complete scientific calculator with multiple functions and games. Khi3 is much more than a scientific calculator. It's an educational and fun tool, for free, with...

  • Screenshot DeskCalc Pro

    DeskCalc Pro


    A powerful calculator similar to the Windows one but with extra options. DeskCalc is quite a complete and practical calculator that in addition to including all the basic...

  • Screenshot EzCalc



    A professional calculator with a multitude of functions. EzCalc is a complete calculator with which you can perform all operations on the computer, in a...

  • Screenshot Numero



    A simple and practical free scientific calculator, totally personalizable. Cosines, sines, tangents, powers, square roots ... the Windows calculator is lacking with this type...

  • Screenshot Inplace Calculator

    Inplace Calculator


    Much more than a simple calculator. Inplace Calculator is much more than a simple, normal calculator. In addition to doing all the...

  • Screenshot CalcSupreme



    The definitive scientific calculator you have always been looking for, excellently equipped. CalcSupreme is probably the definitive scientific calculator for your work, with a wide range of...

  • Screenshot Matrix Calculator

    Matrix Calculator


    A specific tool to calculate and solve matrices. Do you remember matrices? So many hours spent at school learning to solve them means you surely...

  • Screenshot Console Calculator

    Console Calculator


    A complete scientific calculator that works in the way of a console. Console Calculator is a calculator that works via an interface, and is used via the numeric keypad...

  • Screenshot OfiCalc



    A sensational, free office and scientific calculator, with dozens of functions. OfiCalc is one of the best scientific calculators that you can find for free on the web. It has...

  • Screenshot Karen´s Calculator

    Karen´s Calculator


    A free scientific calculator which attains a precision of up to 100 decimal points. Karen´s Calculator is a scientific calculator which offers really precise results, even in very...

  • Screenshot Roasoft Calculator

    Roasoft Calculator

    Don't go crazy trying to do calculations! Download this Roasoft Calculator and let it work for you. Roasoft Calculator is a fantastic program with which you can put aside your notebook and pen when...

  • Screenshot PG Calculator

    PG Calculator


    An excellent, advanced and complete scientific calculator with the look of an HP49g. PG Calculator is one of the best and most complete scientific calculators you can find. The...

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