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Discover all the downloads related to Backups in the list we've created for you on Among the titles in Backups you can find and download software like Norton Antivirus DAT Update (64 bits), Norton Antivirus DAT Update, Keylogger Douglas, Avira AntiVir Personal, Avast! Free Antivirus
  • Screenshot avast! BackUp

    avast! BackUp


    A practical and easy on-line backup system from Avast! A physical storage unit, sooner or later, may malfunction, due to normal wear and tear suffered by...

  • Screenshot Abelssoft Backup

    Abelssoft Backup


    Easily create personalized backups. Abelssoft Backup offers a tool for creating backups, comfortable and easy to use, perfect for both...

  • Screenshot Nero BackItUp

    Nero BackItUp

    2014 15.0.0570

    All the power of Nero to make your backups. With Nero BackItUp, the Nero company puts all its experience and expertise in the field of...

  • Screenshot Backup Plus

    Backup Plus


    Everything necessary to manage all your data backups perfectly. Backup Plus is a tool to make totally flexible backups, which lets you choose from saving...

  • Screenshot Backup Platinum

    Backup Platinum


    Take permanent control of your backups. Backup Platinum is a backup management and creation application. All the copies made with this...

  • Screenshot Copy Muppy

    Copy Muppy


    A simple, free tool to make backups. Copy Muppy is a simple, free tool to make backups really easily. You just have to select the...

  • Screenshot Any File Backup

    Any File Backup


    Make periodic backups. If you are worried about the security of your PC, it is a good idea to have a program like Any File...

  • Screenshot DVD Rebuilder

    DVD Rebuilder


    An excellent free tool to make backups of your DVDs. DVD Rebuilder is a free tool to make high quality backups of your DVD discs. It uses CinemaCraft...

  • Screenshot Norton Ghost

    Norton Ghost


    A la carte backups. Norton Ghost is a program that creates backups, successfully recovering your files and folders, or...

  • Screenshot Copy365


    Automatic, intelligent backup system, that runs on PC shutdown. Copy365 is a system that makes backups automatically, which runs when the PC is shut down, without...

  • Screenshot GRBackPro



    A professional back-up creation and management tool. GRBackPro is a professional back-up creation and management tool which lets you define multiple...

  • Screenshot Absolute Backup

    Absolute Backup


    Easily make backups of all your data. Both if you have experience with this type of task or if you are a novice, with Absolute Backup you...

  • Screenshot Genie Backup Manager

    Genie Backup Manager


    Create backups of your important files and recover them if necessary. Genie Backup Manager lets you create backups of the files and configuration of your PC, which can...

  • Screenshot VXCopy



    It lets you program simple backups of specific folders, generating reports on each backup. VXCopy is a simple and free application without big ambition which is ideal to make periodic...

  • Screenshot RsMaster



    Adminster and make backups of master discs in your PC. RsMaster is a utility that works to make backups of and administer Master and Boot discs. RsMaster...

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